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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with Y

A stupid person
submitted by kane
It's yup but a better way of saying it
submitted by A Will
submitted by Ricky Pascoe
When you want to cuss at someone without them knowing you say "Yadda". eg: "You are such a yadda"
submitted by caitlin
You know what i mean
submitted by wast coast
It is a replacement word for ''penis''.
submitted by cameron
A person who yak's too much and is an ass
submitted by Some Guy
The response for when someone you're with says something stupid, untrue, or unrealistic.
submitted by Hunter Witt
A womans dirty pillows
submitted by Leek
Yao Ming
You know what I mean
submitted by samthaman
You talk too much
submitted by ruby ga
My way of saying yes, or sure, without any meaning
submitted by K-man
submitted by G
Yes. To agree.
submitted by jimmy zombie
To be in agreement with someone
submitted by Ruth and Sarah
A very formal way of explaining to somebody that you are injured
submitted by Eek.yeowch
Yep, Yeah, or Yes.
submitted by Charity
To beat with a stick
submitted by Rico
submitted by Hope Moser
Yes Big Boy!
Just another way to say yes, But in a Gordon Ramsay style. When Saying it you hit one of your hands with the other one.
submitted by Gordon
A man that used to be gay
submitted by ddotcom
Night before
submitted by TTT
For letters & emails above signature line: "Your Friend Until We Both Rot and Lie Stinking In The Earth." We adopted this 'complimentary close' as it's known in secretarial school, to replace sappy teenage-girl-at-graduation types who use "Your Friend Always" or "Besties for Life" and such. The same meaning but without sounding so cloyingly sentimental. When "Sincerely", "Very Truly Yours", "Best Regards," etc. isn't personal enough, use this option. Source: Adapted from a line in "The Exorcist" when asked how long the demon intends to possess the girl, this is the surly response
submitted by Tom
When something good happens to you, i.e. finding a good parking spot. Also used instead of "SCORE!"
submitted by jeddamachiatambien
To believe that oneself is a beast when in fact you have quite normal skills
submitted by keena million
YO Yiddle
It's a person who cuts you off while driving..especially when you have kids in the car
submitted by M. Armstrong
White guys that drive big trucks and listen to rap
submitted by Holly Woodsmith
A bus carrying Amish people
submitted by KenzieLynn
To be said when stealing something of someone
submitted by Les P
The study of Your Mom
submitted by Dr. Connor Ricard, Ph.D
A chillaxed stroll
submitted by Hannah
Female Yak
You got hosed!!!
A term that is similar to "owned", as young people commonly say these days. It is like saying "you got owned". Synonyms include "you got waxed", "you got spayed", or "you got spanked". This term can be used to insult a USE IT!
submitted by Your Adams Apple
You Lie Like A Cheap Whore
Something a northern girl told me :(
submitted by Kev
You muffin
You loser/You freak
submitted by manda
Your cat is covered in tar
Used when one wants to be able to make out with their boy/girlfriend and there's other people around. Also used when 'Will you neck with me?' feels too awkward. Can also be used as 'Your cat is covered in tar and feathers' if you plan to do more than necking.
submitted by Kurasu
Hi, shalon or whats up
submitted by william
A nasty Bitch; Can be used as a good or bad thing
submitted by Caison the maker of Stinkbags
The initials u, d, and, m - You Disgust Me!
submitted by Rosha
Yule Log
A thick, solid dump, so loaded with undigested corn, they resemble lights on a christmas tree
submitted by Yukon Corn-elious
Yummy Mummy
A mom you would like to plow!
submitted by KennyM!
My way of saying whatever I want (or yeah)
submitted by Crazy K