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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with E

To bully someone cyberly
submitted by Amy
Like OMG! or like WOW (old people used to use it and me and my friends thought it was halirious)
submitted by a blonde
Decribes everything good
submitted by bizzi+chipmunk
Early Morning Stoner
submitted by pete
Excessive Nomming Disorder
submitted by Dmp1563
East Bumblefuck
Middle of nowhere, like in rural places
submitted by Augie
Edward Beerhands
Strapping two huge vase's filled with beer to ones hands, only once they have been drunk may the 'Edward' be relinquished.
submitted by isaacMattAsh
A sound of shock, usually said in a stupidly high voice
submitted by McDee
People that have never had sex and are afraid
submitted by I am not EEMISH
Pronounced: eef uh gee ing. Another word for f*ucking. eg "Those effigying b*st*rds"
submitted by St. Charles, The Unlikely Bastard
Someone that has a real bad smell
submitted by jordanharris
Egg head
Something funny looking
submitted by Funny grill friend
Egg McMuffins
Massively oversized boobs
submitted by chris
Egg-sucking dog
Doesn't really mean anything, its just an insult
submitted by Masta Rasta**
A cute name for a small ickle person
submitted by Bizzi
Pronounced 'ay' or 'A'. It's punctuation eh
submitted by Avg Canadian
Eh ehh ehhhhh
To be used when all other words can't
submitted by Paulie
German for sperms
submitted by Matzi
Einstein juniorette
A female Einstein
submitted by Nicole Crocker
It's just scrabble backwards but it sounds funny
submitted by natjesusdude
submitted by MBD
When you have to poop really bad and you think you may not make it to the toilet in time.
submitted by John B
Eminent ruage
Anything associated with negativity
submitted by Mark Baker
Complete idiots who think they know true pain, but only hate every body cause some where down the line they didn't get what they wanted
submitted by rawker
Fear of emo’s
submitted by A
Emotional Constipation
Inability to show emotion
submitted by Lyssa<3
Empty your load/pisspot
To go for a piss after you have been holding it in for a time thats unnaturally long and painful
submitted by Claire Laura Amy [Mackam Shlags]
A person who has sex with books.
submitted by Joe Foxon
submitted by Erin E
To make an enemy of a stranger and/or a friend, in fact, anyone
submitted by jeuan, sometimes Jordan
A posh noun for bed wetting
submitted by TazoWolf
Epic Fail
Internet meme used among teenagers to describe a horrible failure of sorts
submitted by BOING
Something that is well and truly large in not that sort of thing...
submitted by bizzi + chipmunk
An exclamation, adjective, or otherwise useful word that goes beyond the amount of awesomeness implied by the word
submitted by Lord Gale
Epizoodik of-the Blowhole
When you're withholding from getting up to poop because you know you're going to have really bad diarrhea. Typically said upon getting up and realizing the bad colon cramp you've created.
submitted by Jon Waters
Shut up (say it over and over while an annoying person is talking)
submitted by Rosha
Really cool
submitted by poobrain
When you are looking/exploring for a skank, slut, whore
submitted by Duran
Used to catch the Etherbunny
submitted by me
Euuuu Mi Gawd!
Oh My God.. In Valley Girl Language
submitted by GUEEEEEEEESs
Something diabolicaly evil or horrid and used alone after you say something evil. Example: "I will whip you! Muahahahaha! Evilosity. So, how are you?"
submitted by bobo
Extra cheese on your taco
Yeast infection
submitted by monistat
Extra-Large Marge
A woman that is very fat, hence extra-large (her name doesn't have to be Marge)
submitted by Britter : P
The snot that gets in your eyes when you wake up
submitted by JoshMars
When you see something so awesome it feels like your eyes are having an orgasm
submitted by dmp1563