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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with U

Put this at the end of all of your adjectives and you'll be cool as pie! Examples: "Gayular, Awesomeular, Coolular, Sweetular, or Gay-ular, Awesome-ular"
submitted by anonymous
Ugly Ass Beast
submitted by Isabella
Unidentified Disco Injury - Those little bruises you find in the morning after a night out, and have no idea how you got them.
submitted by Kingjellybean.
understand English
submitted by Rosha
Unidentified fat bitch or Unidentified fat bastard
submitted by cozza cha
You f**k older people
submitted by lola
Unidentified Super Dumbo!!!
submitted by Unowned
A word used to emphasise the greatness of something. Can be used in conjunction with 'fully' i.e. Thats fully ubar!
submitted by Karl
Very/big/large eg. uber cool, uber headache, uber scared, uber crap
submitted by george south
The highest or most extreme of its kind: ubernerd; to an extreme degree: ubercool; also spelled �ber-
submitted by Charity
Uber Dung
Meaning any thing that is bad
submitted by gibbs
Being in a crappy mood
submitted by donitza
Ugly Stick
An object used to hit offendingly minging people
submitted by lolly
A really really super duper ugly person.
submitted by Barry Whitmore
Uh-oh Oreo
A white person who wants to be black (White on the outside black on the inside).
submitted by Andy
(see bwah)
submitted by Erin E
submitted by tai
The ultimate most extreme measure of it's kind :- ultra cool, ultra violent etc
submitted by anon
Um Yeah!
No, never yes. always no, hate the idea, wanna kill it.
submitted by queenvelocity (or queenspeed)
The skidmarks at the back of a toilet bowl
submitted by xXmarklandXx
Umpa lumpa
Either a short stocky person or someone who has used too much fake tan (and looks like the guys in willy wonka's chocolate factory)
submitted by Andy Pike Gloucestershire/worcestershire :)
Chubby short girl or guy who likes to use alot of gel or wax on their hair!
submitted by anonymous
Uncle Pod
A formal greeting
submitted by jesse
To be unco-ordinated
submitted by Skippy
Used when describing something that is not cool – “dude, that is uuuuundope”
submitted by kelli xXx
A mixed animal of a unicorn rabbit and a pony
submitted by Kayla
A students favourite position while drunk
submitted by spode
When guys are bffs
submitted by DONNAAAA
The crotchell region
submitted by asherlaa
Uphill Gardener
A man who desires the love of another man
submitted by Danny the Fanny
Upper Deck
When you take a crap in the upper part of the toilet
submitted by Leave an Upper Deck at the next party your at!!!
Ur Catfish
Same thing as "ur mom", just more random
submitted by kelsie
Someone who is more stupid then a blonde
submitted by i am a blonde love me xxxx
Uuuuuhhhh Buhhhhhh
It's a sound you make when someone says something really dumb
submitted by Pedra
When somebody's said something and you didn't hear, you go "Uwaa...?"
submitted by Steb - dodecahedron lol