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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with V

V-badge - Your v-badge is your virginity e.g you would say i lost my v-badge last night

submitted by kaka

V-Doi - Fat girl that would look cute if she lost the weight.

submitted by Some guys in Oklahoma

Vadge - The art of being a big pu$$y

submitted by Josh Sheppard

Vadgeburn - Technically chaffing of the female genital area but is generally used as an exclamation of anger eg "Oh vadgeburn I have burned the toast!"

submitted by The Vadgettes

Vagbdomen - A fat stomach-like vagina

submitted by Anthony

Vagenda - Using a woman's sexual appeal to achieve her agenda

submitted by MegBlick

Vaginamite - A Yeast Infecton

submitted by 4lyf

Vagitarian - Lesbo - you are what you eat

submitted by Mogo

Vagocheck - To look for hot girls

submitted by emaru

Vahoot - Funny hot chick

submitted by emaru

Vajinocerus - Refers to woman with a large clit

submitted by g

Vampire- - Used to describe something totally amazing and vampire-like, as in very fast or strong.

submitted by Keera CULLEN

Vangina - A really good van

Vanilla - Something that's plain. ie "That wallpaper is vanilla"

submitted by Karl

Vart - A vaginal fart (Occurs after sex, during yoga, or after a pelvic exam)

submitted by PKL

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