Bored At Uni

If you're a bored student, you've come to the right place! Even if you're bored at work or just at
home looking for things to do, Bored at Uni is here to reduce your boredom for a while.

I was always bored at university (and college, school, and work) so I decided that students needed a place to visit for some fun instead of thinking about coursework, revising for exams, or the pain of a hang-over from a night out.

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Funny Pictures
Just when you think it can\'t get any worse...
Unicorn Bacon!
You have to wonder why the rest of the jeans are in good condition, but that area.....
Nice hair dude.... oh, wait....
Baby Face!
Gotta admire his honesty!
Barqs: Marketing geniuses
When you see it...
Thanks for the offer, but no
Gangsta! Until you see it...
Duuude, it\'s a bowl!
Funny Words
A posh noun for bed wetting
Someone caught in the act of jacking off to video, tv etc...
"Baby" or "Infant" (human or other primate) in clinical terms; try it out with new parents: "What an adorable neonate!"
For letters & emails above signature line: "Your Friend Until We Both Rot and Lie Stinking In The Earth." We adopted this 'complimentary close' as it's known in secretarial school, to replace sappy teenage-girl-at-graduation types who use "Your Friend Always" or "Besties for Life" and such. The same meaning but without sounding so cloyingly sentimental. When "Sincerely", "Very Truly Yours", "Best Regards," etc. isn't personal enough, use this option. Source: Adapted from a line in "The Exorcist" when asked how long the demon intends to possess the girl, this is the surly response
Majestic testicles. eg Sarah: "Wow, last night was great!". Marge: "Oh really!? How'd it go?". Sarah: "It went really well, my date had matesticles!"

Reduce your Boredom!

There's tons of funny pictures to browse that should stop you from being bored for a minute or two, or you can check out our huge database of hundreds of jokes. Ok, so that's not very original, but this is the Internet, that's the whole point - megabytes upon gigabytes of copied and pasted useless junk!

But wait! There is something vaguely interesting on this site! Yes, believe it or not a tiny bit of thought went into at least one part of this site - the aptly named "What happened to..." (brilliant, isn't it?!) section you can learn what the celebrities of yester-year are up to nowadays.

Wow, you've managed to read all that waffle above - you must really be bored! Talking of things to do, check out our things to do section. It contains, well, things to do to make your boring day a bit less boring.

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