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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with I

Add this to the end of your words and it sounds funny. Example: Crapish, suckish, poopish
submitted by bobo
I'm chokin' on my gerkin!!
When something suprises you or when people do scandalous things.
submitted by Christopher & Megan
I'm on a mission
Saying your on a prowl of getting something or a goal done
submitted by D Man
I don't speak GEEK!!
Something to say to a geek at your high school
submitted by Addie
I have a belly button
My favorite saying, only used to make people oblivious/confused, only useful at a random time to anyone who hasn't heard it before
submitted by K-man
I need a coat
I am erect
submitted by shane
I need to see a man about a dog
Someone going to see a man about getting alcohol. This was used in the oldern days
submitted by Kayla
I Wuv You
A higher form of Love. Also a cute way of saying 'I Love You'
submitted by Ariane
A preson of InDiscriminate Gender. So named after the barmade in our favourite pub Opium
submitted by fluffyrob
It's an inside joke at school but it means It's Funny Because Your'reFat
submitted by brittany
This isnt really an acronym, it just helps pronounce it right. Its like saying "Aight" (alright) plus -"ee-oh". It helps you sound like an insane psycho just like me. This is how you really spell it: AIGHTYO!! example: "Michelle, can you escort me to the loo?" response:: "Aightyo!" (remember to prounounce it as "i.t.o", as in "eye-tee-oh"
submitted by Your Adams Apple
Ironing board WAPS, a girl with no tits
submitted by Juggs
In Da Butt
submitted by I get banged IDB
(Pron. Idg, it) Idiot, used for friends
submitted by Eclaire
Idiot Box
Another word for a TV
submitted by the unknown one
IGnorant MOronic reTARD
submitted by BOB
Someone whos both ignorant and an arse hole
submitted by James
Used to properly describe a person who is both an idiot and an asshole.
submitted by Lacey, 2002 Pre-teen Indiana (USA)
When you are really super fat and stupid, and you have no friends
submitted by stephie
Same as Ill, example : "Dude your car is freaken illna!"
submitted by Lizzie aka Paris
In All In Anyways
All purpose phrase for a non committal agreement
submitted by grinder
Innocent skank meaning : a girl whos really innocent but wants people to think shes nasty so theyll like her =]
submitted by zeeegler
Indians Revenge
Your bumhole after eating a very spicy curry
submitted by Rutter
A better way of saying indeed
submitted by Gatenss
Undoubtedly; unquestionably; in a manner to remove all doubt.
submitted by Brie
The ideal pet: a small fuzzy white creature. Also an exclamation: "HOLY INKERDINK!"
submitted by dean
Inner Britney
When you though a hissy fit, you are showing your inner britney
submitted by moi
In agreement of a statement.
submitted by Moose’s are poggers
submitted by peter andre and trish
A clever word that fooled many a teacher in research papers (Means absolutely nothing)
submitted by AdamT
Insignificant butt
You say it to guys who can't fill out the back of their jeans...
submitted by Jenny
Instant Section 8
Used to describe a person who converses with an annoying person (see glover).
submitted by northern
Intensley Epic
submitted by Kyles
The netting inside your swimming shorts
submitted by THE troublesome three
Internet Warrior
Someone who plays online games all the time such as COD and WOW
submitted by Neil
Something very interesting. As in "oh, how intidudiating!"
submitted by Bianca Healey
Introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging
submitted by jul
Someone who tries to shift the blame by any means to an innocent party after blocking a toilet with an unsightly and unflushable poo!
submitted by Gordo
Invisible Tickler
When you start laughing, but end up laughing at yourself because you are laughing so much. The inivisble tickler was there.
submitted by ELLIE
Sleepin / in bed, as in involved in bed....
submitted by Kim
That darn snot in your throat you can't seem to hawk up when you're sick.
submitted by Annie
A word used to describe a person who is both annoying and completely stupid.
submitted by Andy.C
Is it
Interrogitave usually answered with "yeah, why not", or "Nah, I can't be arsed"
submitted by Rhian_Demon
Ugly chick or guy
submitted by jmmy zombie
(to be said italian-stylee) when you just so completely cant comprehend something
submitted by kelli xXx