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No.ClueNo. of LettersYour Answer
1Minty Loop4 
2Anne or Margaret8 
3Garden Visitor5 
4Fashion of the Sixties4 
6A Carribean Bay7 
7Young Horse4 
8Zodiac Sign7 
9Underground Railway5 
10Precious Stone8 
11Old Pound Coin9 
12Red, Round and Juicy6 
13Italian First3 
14Person of Diminuitive Stature6 
15Very Cold Lady8 
16Kitchen Cupboard4 
17A Little Devil3 
18Spotted Beast6 
20Change Position4 
21Spanish Provincial Capital7 
22Outdoor Meal6 
23Boat Park6 
24Half a Soccer Club got the Bird5-6 
25What value the Lettuce8 
26Balearic Island5 
28On the East Coast6 
29Egyptian Water Lily5 
30Goes Past Witney1-2 
31Old Boy Scout5 
32Pertaining to the City5 
33Fencing Weapon5 
34Achieve Supremacy7 
35Bus Name Changed7 
36Gentle Breeze6 
37Could be a Star5 
38Spanish Rugged Heights6 
39Inuit's Animal Friend5 
40Experienced Trusted Adviser6 
42Continental Carnival6 
43Chopping Tool2 
44Enjoys the Chase6 
45Ornamental Staff7 
46Small Mischievious Mythological Being3 
471000 + A Musical Instrument6 
48Re-route Shakespear's River4 
49Wartime Saviour8 
50As Far as the eye can see7 
51Barrel Maker6 
52Party for Men4 
53Gracie's Island5 
54Mother Unites 114 
55Miming Game7 
56Latin American Dance5 
57Curved Sword8 
58A Toy to play with6 
59Old 'Mother' of drag5 
60Pert Sly Playful Girl4 
61Eminent Conductor7 
62Miss Capulet's First Love4-5 
63Previous Chancellor6 
64British Money8 
65Shallow River Crossing4 
67Small Wild Horse7 
68A Lot of Bottle6 
69Astronomical Constellation5 
70Garage with a car in6 
71Unbranded Calf8 
72Nippon Light Bulb5 
73Fine Sword made in Japan6 
74Neutral Vehicle7 
75Unravel a Spring4 
76Traditional English Dance6 
77Tactful Person8 
78Stick to Stir Washing5 
79Engrave as Required7 
80In a Gondola7 
81Traveller in Undiscovered Territory8 
82Praise Publicly7 
83Group of Animals5 
849 or 18 Holes4 
85Popular Unfounded Belief6 
86Particular Mode of Pronunciation6 
87Traveller in Undiscovered Territory8 
88Praise Publicly7 
89Resign Upset6 
90Composition for Solo Instrument8 
91Dimitris Last Letter5 
9324 Hour Court6 
94Large area Treeless Grassland7 
95O Demon Car!6 
96American Politician7 
97P.O has Red Mail Van7 
98Bobby's Car5 
99Positive Elementary Particle6 
100Cry of Salute4 
101Large Plancton eating Ray5 
102Large area Treeless Grassland7 
103American Indian Tribe8 
104Promising Young Performer7 
105Winged Seed from Sycamore6