Beatles fans might find this story interesting!

It was a lovely summers eve as yesterday I sat sitting on a cornflake, in case you didn't realise, it so happened that I was waiting for the van to come, as I sat sitting, I saw the most peculiar thing, a girl went by, (no Clare, I'm not referring to you), you may well ask yourself 'hmm, what's so peculiar about a girl going by?', well the peculiarity of the situation was not so much the fact that she was a girl, after all, had she been a boy, then the topic of gender equality would be answered forever (what could be more equal than a female boy), no this was not at all what I found so peculiar and so interesting, it was indeed the fact that her eyes appeared to be kaleidoscopes.

Anyhow, putting this unpleasantness behind me, the van rolled up, getting in I laid back and dreamt, it had after all been quite a hard days night, if you can understand that at all, so I had decided to do a little day tripping, and go to a lovely little place I know with marmalade trees and marshmallow skies As the van pulled up so to i awoke, and getting out, lo and behold, discovered the same girl with the same caleidascope eyes, this time how ever, what was truly amazing was the fact that a young woman who introduced her salf as lucy had just stollen an arm full of the most exquisite diamonds you ever did see, and was intending to fly away with them, well i couldnt figure out why the mister city policeman was sitting pretty little policemen in a row, instead of arresting the young lucy, i asked the city policeman (who turned out to be none other than sgt pepper) this, and he informed me that we were in the land of submarines (he directed my attention to his own rather poignantly yellow machine as he continued to talk), 'all you need is love' he said 'love is all you need', he then asked if I would stand up and walk out on him if he sang out of tune, I offered an affirmative answer and so away he went, and so to did I.

Along my travels after this departure, I came to a sea of green, and could see the sun coming, I thought to myself, 'its been a long cold lonely winter this year' and then realised that the ice sea was melting, so I ran for cover in a newspaper taxi which had appeared on the shore, and as it turned out, had come to take me away After paying the fare, I noticed I was deep within a land which seemed to indeed be nowhere, being nowhere I thought to myself 'all of my troubles seem so far away', at that moment I met a man, he introduced himself as a nowhere man from a nowhere land and he just happened to be a paper back writer, and kept a pet blackbird which flew on broken wings and saw with sunken eyes in the light of a dark black night, promptly he disappeared along with his paper backs and his blackbird, why he had to go I just don't know he wouldn't say, and indeed couldn't, as he was no longer there, I think I said something wrong, but anyway, feeling in a daze, I felt something drop from my hand as I ate my Savoy truffle, I realised it was the glass onion that I had been looking through.

Anyway, that was yesterday, it came so suddenly, and yet I'm not half the man I used to be, but of course, in the end, all you need is love.

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