What Happened To Rory Cochrane?

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Errr.... Who?

Actor, "Empire Records" "Rainmaker"

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You came to see me when I was in a Texas prison. You were researching your role for the movie Love and a .45. I would really like to see ya. Maybe we can have a beer or something. I'm doing really well and have an wonderful wife. You may email me at [email protected]. take care my friend
Bryan vinson
Rory, you are missed and would love to hear from you,I think your a great actor as well as a good person,it doesn't hurt that your sexy as hell! I hope you are well
Allison Willert
Rory was on "24" last season. Day 7: 9pm til 12am I believe. He was also in "Public Enemies" with J.Depp which recently came out on dvd playing the character of a Federal officer, Carter Baum.
He's not dead, and looks very healthy to me.
Hi Rory are u coming back to CSI MIAMI or not goodness i miss u alot speed luv you
Diana Sofia
Has anyone heard what Rory is currently doing? It's like he has vanished off the face of the planet.
you only post nice things i see. why wont you post that hes a drunk,and looks for fights he cant win
upper east side
Rory Cochrane is alive and well in my dreams at night! I could kick his ass for leaving MIAMI, but he made the right call, cause the show has SERIOUSLY SUCKED since he left, and is going down in flames fast! I, on the otherhand, have kept Speedle alive and well in my daydreams, which if I could convince Cochrane to go back to MIAMI, I've written some pretty decent scripts for!!! (so, if the real Rory ever reads this, and is interested, post back here, would ya!) Love and kisses from Canada! - Danielle
He has been killed off in MIami because Rory wants to stick with films
Can anyone out there please tell me when Right at your door and A Scaner Darkly will be released in the UK? I am having Rory withdrawal symptoms!!!!!!!!
A Scanner Darkly and Right At Your Door, in which he has leading roles, will be out next year (2006). My God, I can't wait, he's easily the most exciting actor at the moment! (I bought a Region One DVD player, I live in the UK, just to watch his films!) Evil Royal Mail lost my copy of Southlander!
Rory get married
Rory is not dead.hes in csi miami. he is very sweet... kiss
No im not dead, Im fixing to be working on a new movie coming out in december called hellblazer!
Rory Cochrane
Since Rory now plays on "C.S.I. Miami", I'm pretty certain he's not dead.....
he sure looks good for a dead guy... he currently co stars in CSI miami
Rory is not dead, you can check out his bio on imdb.com he has a movie coming out this year
Rory died in a car accident a coupl eyears back...truly sad