What Happened To Pauly Shore?

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Errr.... Who?


This is what they are doing now...

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I just saw him on last Sunday's episode of Entourage (S3). He pulls a trick on Johnny Drama. I saw him at least one other time on the second season.

- 2007

I live in Australia too and I was going to the UK on the 1st of May 2006 and I saw him at the airport going in the departures area. I couldn't believe it as I hadn't heard of him for a while. I used to like him so me and my mum were just laughing when we saw him. He was in Melbourne for the recent comedy festival.
I saw him at a comedy club in Huntington, West Virginia. There was a very small audience. My girlfriend has pics with him. He was wasted.
marshall guy
october 17,2005
People put DATES on Comments it makes it more interesting if you know when people wrote a comment.

O.K, the new show is called The Comedy Store it was on TBS I think. It's about his mother giving him charge of the family business. I watched like one episode it was pretty funny. I guess it is still on or will be next year, if it didn't get cancelled.
Pauly is getting ready to debut some TV series on a local cable network. The WB maybe, I can't remember.
In Australia on pay TV he's on the Celebrities Uncensored Add
he was on punk'd ryan pinkston (the lil kid) wz sayin lyk wat happened to ur career and stuff and pauly wz gettin mad and wz tryin to pik a fyt wit ryan
last I seen he was doing that mtv karoakee show.
keena million
I think its called "Pauly Shore is Dead (Thank God)" I live in Australia and hired it. It was fairly crusty.
Recently starred as himself in the Documentary/Comedy 'You'll Never Wiez in This Town Again', which is known in Australia as 'Pauly Shore is Not Dead'. It's available in Australia on VHS & DVD
He was on a recent Jaime Kenndey show
he was recently on MTV's Spring break show "Stupid Bets",of course he lost though.He should be respected more than he is,hes the greatest movie star ever,especially in "In the Army Now"
michael l.
Hasn't someone beat the living crap out of that annoying little twit yet?

He's not funny...he's not entertaining...he's a goober.
Yeah I know i miss him! He was awesome in Son In Law
he was on cribs on mtv a couple of weeks back
Omg! Pauly Shore is the best actor ever! he is so funny and cute! i just love him every movie he has is soooooo good so don't dis on pauly he is my man and he rocks!
"Appeared in a crappy spoof of the blair witch project a little while back"