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Errr.... Who?

Starred in classics such as 'The Lost Boys', 'License to drive' and 'Goonies' in the 80's when they were young.

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Dear, Corey Haim
I am truly a BIG fan of you and your movies. My most favorite movie of yours was lucas because, it really touched my heart when you did that movie MOST IMPORTANTLY I LIKE ALL YOUR MOVIES IN THE 80'S. You are an inspiring actor then any actor i loved before i love you corey haim <3 <3 <3 R.I.P. (December 23, 1971- March 10, 2010) We all love you
I grew up with the two Coreys, I liked them both. Haim-the gentle and easy-going, Feldman-the rebel. They are very cute. That is why I always liked the two of them.I am a big fan of their movies. I watched their movies ever since they were about 10 years old in them, but my favorite movie of all time is "The Lost Boys"! I was deeply upset when I heard about what happen to Haim, especially because of him living with his mother. That had to hurt her even more than ever, and I hope that she is doing just fine, it has to to be so hard for a mother to lose a baby, no matter how old the are. They are always their mother's baby. Will love you always!!
Tabitha Leighton
As Feldman said to press, he died of a drug overdose, died in front of his own mother, no one to talk to. Feldman and Haim got into a fight shortly before Haim killed himself. This is very sad news and he will always be missed.
NO NO NO!!! Corey HAIM died of an OD in front of his own mother. Im seeing everyone saying Feldman, but he just did Lost Boys 3 THE final Lost Boys film. They both admitted to being sexually assaulted as kids. Haim took it worse than Feldman, cutting, drinking and using. Please, get your facts straight.
Im really upset that corey feldman is dead because I adored him I was a huge fan I would do anything to bring the great corey feldman back to life. I also first seen corey in the goonies and I was very upset and let down when I heard he was dead from a drug overdose I actually belive it. I know it sounds silly yeah I know I cried so bad beacause I had it in my head that when I was older I could go to america to find him and make very good friends with him because when I saw him in the goonies he was awesome and cool as and Im still very upset so see you bye
connor reavey
Well, I don't really have any new information about the Coreys.
The most recent news is that Corey Haim unfortunately died, and Corey Feldman and his wife divorced.
I really wanted to post something on here, because the last time I did so was when I was 11. I am now 15, and yes, I am still deeply in love with the two Cs. Looking back, my posts on here were pretty amatuer haha
I would just like to say that I am glad that Feldman and Suzie divorced. Though, I think Corey should have filed for divorce, instead of Suzie(from what I've read). Zen Scott Feldman is a handsome little man! He definitely has his father's looks.

Hopefully Haim is in a better place now. Admittingly, I still do not know how he for surely passed. I heard that it was from drug overdose, and I also heard it was from Pneumonia. Although I never knew him, I sure do miss him.

Also, I read on Wikipedia(though people claim that it's an unreliable source)that before Corey Haim died, he and Feldman were working on a sequel of "Liscense To Drive" called "Liscense To Fly". That sure would've been a great film.

Anyways, the only thing that I hope for is the best to Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. They will always remain two of my favorite actors.
it's so sad that cory died alone they say he wallked around looking for someone to talk to i wish i was there for you mate we're the same age. i've every one of his movies it was like losing a best friend when he died im so gutted rip mate
stuart pattison
I miss you Corey Haim. My heart hurts. Wish your life could have been longer, and without so many heartaches. I Love you.
It's Corey FELDMAN not FEILDMAN....no letter i in the last name. But any way, as far as Corey Haim, I hope he is at peace now.
I tried posting this earlier but I guess it didn't take. Regarding my earlier post I used the wrong website listing instead of amen.com it should be amenclinic.com. I apologize for any inconvienence that may have been caused.
Autopsy report just released--- Haim's mother shared that they had told her he had an enlarged heart and water in in his lungs. Pretty common physical side effects of heavy drug use, but he was clean when he died...
A quote as posted by Rob is very true, "People who have never struggled with addiction, god bless them, and its something I wouldn't even wish upon my worst enemy." But we all have addictions in one form or another whether it be obesity, sugar (Diabetes),cutting or even gambling. They all have an emotional connection which is further linked to chemical reactions in the brain. Care to see the implications then check out amen.com (brain scans and what various damage to the brain is caused by varius addictions). I only reference this because it is very insightful and truly depicts YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS. As for Cory his torment is over and if only to serve as a reminder that we must all go through trials and tribulations of some form in this life he has served as an example to us all. R.I.P.
I think that Corey Haim was extremely talented when he started lost boys with Feildman... there was some sort of jealousy involved with Haim being a better actor. Feildman is a dark soul and he got Haim into drugs and prob had some dark twisted relationship with him involving drugs and sex. I think that Feildman is a self centered manipulative person and used Haim as a toy to entertain himself with. Even after Feildmans divorce he did not allow Haim who was living with him mom and depressed to come live with him. It is my opinion that Haim committed suicide because his mom was dying and his so called best friend was not there for him.
I love how people are spouting out that he died from a drug overdose when they didn't even do the autopsy yet. Feildman had spoken to Haim a few days before his death and said that Haim was in the best frame of mind he's ever been in in years. Corey Haim had been taking care of his mother, and the love he had for his mother was helping him to overcome his addiction.
Maybe if people stopped treating him like shit and actually HELP him like Feildman tried to do, granted things didn't work out, (the fact that it was being televised didn't help things) but at least he had at least one friend who cared enough about him to help him, which is more than some.
This is meant with all respect.. Corey we all love you. Gay, Straight, Bi, we all mourn your death. The majority of us did not know you, but I hope that where ever your are right now, you are made aware of one thing, THAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY A BIGGER STAR THAN ANY ONE COULD HAVE IMAGINED, because somehow you have made many people look inside their souls and feel that they have lost some part of themselves the day you left us. It takes a special kind of person to make us feel like this. We Miss You and Will Never Forget You..Thank You for being you
From a gay american
Someone said he acted like he was 12. When u start using u stop mental maturing I started at 25 with coke and didnt stop till 34 so sometime I have the mindset of a 25 yr old. They say the deeper u go into the forest the longer it takes to get out which is true. I went to Hell and back, I don't want to go back to hell again.
Futhermore most addicts are great people with huge hearts, just lost and have problems like everyone else. Yeah there are those that rob, steal and do bad things but the ones Ive come across are mostly good people
People who have never struggled with addiction, god bless them, and its something I wouldn't even wish upon my worst enemy. truth is i was raised well and just made poor choices and ended up an addict. So people who criticize and think its easy just to say no have no idea. It's a dam uphill battle every day just to stay clean, so don't trash or bad mouth if you've never been through it and be thankful you don't have to!
Cory Haim is DEAD!!! What are you going to do now,without some one to trash?
jon in cincinnati
Corey Haim, died this morning!!!!
It's a shame. All these people bad mouthing Cory and his uphill battle with drugs was list. Today is a sad day. RIP Cory. You will be missed.
[email protected]
Corey Haim is dead!! Died of an overdose 2 hrs ago!!
I've seen him (Corey Haim) in the Fast Getaway in this year and then I had a dream with him... I don't know why but I'm fallen in love to him and know I'm looking for him everywhere.
I know what it is like to be on prescribed drugs and want free but can't seem to get free. If u ever need someone to talk to Corey, i am here for you. Some of these even though they have good intentions,will never know what its like.. we might be able to help one another my bro! i am in Fl. if u ever need some to talk to... email me @ [email protected] i am not a stalker, someone who's insane i feel ya bro! Loved all ur movies, actually ur a little older than i am.. but ever hear the saying... "unless you been there, you have no idea"
Someone Who Cares
Corey, I feel for ya.

I grew up watching you in movies during the '80s. I was the same age as you while watching you on the screen.

I'll be honest, you weren't that compelling of an actor, but you were cute and competent enough to land more parts.

Our lives have a few parallels, though not in the same time frame. I wound up playing with drugs later. It took me a lot longer, but I covered the same route downhill. At the end, I nearly wrecked my life with meth -- and watched several of my close friends genuinely wreck their own.

I pulled out of this nose-dive to put my life back together, and so can you. F**k Hollywood. F**k celebrity. F**k fame. These things mean nothing.

I can only imagine the pressures you were subjected to as a kid in a glitzy world, where everything seemed possible.

Let go of all that.

Yeah, that sounds like a contrite suggestion, but really -- let go of it. Nothing will ever feel as good as when you were on top of the world and doing drugs.

Nothing SHOULD feel that good. It's a false state of being... and there's no way to sustain that euphoria without killing yourself in the process.

It's taken me several years (off of drugs) to reset my expectations and desires for stimulus... and get them back down to normal levels.

It's been hard. Really f**king hard. For the first two years I felt dead. Nothing felt rewarding at all.

It gets better. Honestly. Stick with it.
David Mudkips
Corey, if you're reading this: You can overcome all of the negativity! I was really upset watching the two Coreys, because I feel that Feldman and his zitty wife treated you badly. Corey, you need to show the world that you are better than them! I think Feldman has a huge ego problem! Corey, you need to rise to the occasion and show them that you won't take their crap!
Marie Morris
I liked both coreys. I still do and nothing will change that. Their movies are great. They also done work each on their own that was great also. It's to bad that we all make wrong choices in life. I wish them both good luck and God bless them both. I pray that corey haim fight and defeats this personal demon. Wish them both the best in the lives and with work. God bless everyone else in the world also.
Corey feldman annouced that he is gay!!!!!
i hate corey's
Haim dude, always thought you were a hottie! Clean it up, YOU CAN DO IT! Your fans still love you hon, just clean it up! YOU CAN AGAIN be successful in hollywood they, and yer fans, are very forgiving! I'll be waiting.....

Love ya!
I met Corey Haim this weekend -- October 11 2008 at the Rock and Shock event in Worcester,MA.I even worked at the Hotel he was staying at. When I saw Haim,who I grew up watching as a child, I asked him an autograph and if I could talk to him.He blew me off and went out drinking.I could not belive how he just walked over me.Does he relize he has no career and if it wasn't for people like us he would have had no success in the 80'S. I am sorry to say but his actions are truly sad and disrespectful.He is a washed up loser and a major drug addict.I am glad Corey Feldman left him..He woke up and saw the true face of Corey Haim.Corey Haim is a loser,he has no career and never will.It does not matter if he was in Crank 2...no one will care...they will only care bout Jason Statham that is it.Corey Haim has no future he will end up on the streets and end up dead and forgotten in the alleys with all they crackheads of America.Whatever fame and good heart he had died back in the 80's.My point is this...no matter how busy you are..awlays make time for the fans..becuse without them your nothing.After what Corey did to me...he just lost another fan.I wish America would burn all his movies.Fuck you Corey Haim...Your nothing.
Cade Foster
Corey.Listen man..if john travolta made a comeback so can you.Stop Looking at corey feldman as your brother..his [email protected]#tch wife Has Taken him from you and the industry has failed you,(and feldman).i am sorry to say but look at cheech n chong..one went on and straightend out and conformed and made money and had success.. the other was busted for selling bongs..finally made a movie and they were old and it sucked..point made..fight man fight stand up and fight your fans and family love you no matter what becomes of you.Dont Die man dont go out like the great river pheonix or jim morrison..you have a better life than most your fans feel gratefull for what u do have.your a lone soldier sole survivor look at it this way if you make a comeback youll be bigger than ever but your"friend" feldman would not be able to reach the star status you will recieve he cant play the roles you could have different looks and accents and dig deep into those acting skills have some writers make a movie script with you being the focus of the film.write your own comeback get fans to help you pay for or help make the movie,use your rescourses man u have more than u know use your fans they want to help and be a part of this...as far as the aleged drug /addict probs you may or may not have..f*ck em all dude!Stick to the weed and once n a while take some acid or shrooms and youll be ok get off the hard sh*t!!
if you eve ever need anything dont hesitate to hit me up im a very talented unsuccesful musician doing other things like a s*itty job,if u ever need a place to crash hit me [email protected]
Ryan Moore
corey haim is a pathetic drug addict with all the typical symptoms. It is actually quite sickening to watch. I used to be in your industry but left and now i am a nurse. I have never seen a more classic case of drug addiction with its accompanying denial in my life
nils peterson
Mad Marti Don't call me an idiot.

and it was clearly stated by him and everyone around him, it was prescription Drugs and god dammit I wish everyone would stop saying that he's doing other drugs cause he's not, he already stated he took more of his meds than he was soppose to and it was a mistake and I don't think that qualifes him as a damn drug addict. maybe he is and I'm wrong but I just don't see it.
Some of you might not agree with me or have your own opinions and I Don't Give a flying flip cause everyone thinks differently in there own way, but what you also don't understand is corey haim has been through alot in his life and you can't rule out that he has issues that he's coping with, so haters and non-understanders will you please get off his back cause corey is a great guy and I love him Dearly and there are tons of people that feel the same and thank god for that. :)
btw Corey haim is doing really good, and is viberent and healthy and working on his new films and was great in cherry hill he was kind and sweet to all.

Love, Athenia Bennett
Age 15 Toronto, Canada.
I think corey feildmen is a JERK!!!!
haim if you read this im 34 and live in ohio.i think you need a friend,im sorry feldmen did ya like that.email [email protected]
rhonda m.
to all the people who are dissing corey haim, you have no idea how it feels to be an addict, and a recovering addict. do you haters know how it feels to be raped at 14 by one of your best friends friends? NO! you have no idea, and its been proven that kids who have been abused are more likely to do drugs or get in trouble with the law. so unless you've ever been raped or abused and you can go through life knowing that and still have a stable you have no right to talk! I LUV U COREY HAIM! GET BETTER!
f**k the haters!
All that I can say is that there are too many people in this world gathering nothing but the bad things on celebrities!
I can say that I don't care what either one of them has done wrong because I just got back from IRAQ and their movies were the only ones that made me feel like I was home! You're both awesome!!
Lonnie Burgus from Canton, IL.
AS a recovering addict of prescription pills what the FUCK do you people know about being an addict....
HE IS AN ADDICT.....and he hasn't hit his BOTTOM yet...I've never been so sad as I watched there intervention.....tonight....
My sponsor says the bottom is when you put the damn shovel down and he isn't doing it....and honestly....I see him dead soon....our disease tells us we are not sick when we are....why don't they put doctors or nurses on the Corey show who ARE addicts themselves like fucking house wives that are ONLY addicted to persecution drugs....gees oprah does it all the time....and you know what even IF THEY DID.... he wouldn't see it...because he isn't ready.....Go rent and oprah episode) go to an A.A. meeting just for Doctors.....its rampant..a drug is a drug is a drug.....weather you snort it drink it or pop it in your mouth...this poor kid is going to die and well...from what we can see....HE IS CONSTITUTIONAL incapable of being honest with himself.....read a BIG BOOK if you have no clue what I'm saying......SO STOP CODLING HIM WITH YOU're "OH YOU NOT AN ADDICT" BULL SHIT......
Athenia, you are an idiot.
If a recovering addict abuses ANY drug, it's called a relapse. Even if he was telling the truth about taking one extra pill, that is DRUG ABUSE.

Not to mention, he's full of crap because you can clearly hear him snorting whatever substance it was (probably heroin).

He may have been your teen dream back in the '80's but his time has passed and his bridges are burned.

Look for him on Celebrity Rehab.
Mad Marti
it makes me so mad that people really got on these things and have the nerve to bash cory haim!!!! i have loved him since i was a little girl!!! and no matter what happens i will always love him!!! Cory H. your a strong guy and i know that you will get out of this down fall that you have gone through, everyone does!!! i know that you will make a great comeback that is well deserved to you. i saw the lost boys two and the only reason why i watched it was because of you, i was really hurt that you were only in the end of it, but you know what you did a great job with what they gave you!!! i watch the show every week and love it!!! i will continue to watch it and watch whatever your in because you're a great actor!! dont listen to all the haters that want to bring you down!!! i love ya cory haim
lindsey watson, columbus ohio
Well It Turns Out Corey Haim Isnt On Drugs But The Lost Boys 2 Meltdown He Did Take Prescribed Drugs Only!
!So Hes Not Doing Drugs!

i just thought i would tell you all that since people keep Saying Hes A junkie, A Addict & A Druggie, CAUSE hes not!.


3rd post
Athenia Bennett From Toronto, Ont
Dear Susie,
I'm really happy for you about the Playboy spread. I'm sure that's what you have wanted for a long time. That was obvious on Sureal Life.
I just want to tell you that I have NEVER contacted a celeb... As a matter of fact it was very hard to contact you. It's obvious that Corey F thinks alot of himself. COREY!!! LOL Lighten up. To be honest, the druged out Corey H is more appealing than the "know it all, I have my shit together" Corey.
I am a fan of the show and I have seen both of you.
Ya know, he seems much more sincere than you.
I'm praying for him....
Susie, see if you can do something with him...your husband that is.
I have always Loved Cory Haim.
He is a very sweet and wonderful person. I see his pain and wish him the best of everything.
Stay strong Cory! You will always be in my Heart, Thoughts and prayers!
Jodie in Arizona
Corey Haim Is Living In His LA Appartment,
After Watching The Two Corey's Sunday It Now Seems That Haim Is Using again not sure.. Though but even if he is i STILL LOVE HIM & I DONT CARE!

p.s Btw kcc illinois you mixed up your coreys & your post doesnt make sence.

I LOVE YOU HAIM, 2nd Post On Here
15 yr. old Athenia Bennett From Toronto
I LOVE YOU COREY HAIM…..You have die hard fans that love you and wish you the best. I think that you need to surround your self with people that really love you and make you change….I know that you can make your biggest come back ever just leave the indents that happened in the past IN THE PAST… you’re living in the now and your DIE HARD FANS are waiting for you!! We love you COREY…

Please think about it!! You can do this!!
Cory Haim is such a LOSER it's sickening to watch him! Haim obviously has done well for himself and needs to just walk away from that FREAK! I'm sure the only reason he bothers with the 2 Coreys show is to try to help CF be less of loser. I hope he doesnt do another season as it's going to start to ruin his own reputation just being associated with CF. CF is a drugged out sociopath that needs an extended stay in rehab and sh*t loads of psychotherapy. Haim move on - walk away from the train wreck!
kcc illinois
After watching the recent two Cory's it is apparent Haim is still trying to hustle everyone involved in the program including his supposed best friend. If Haim ever expects to have a chance to get clean he needs to purge the hustler attitude from his psyche. He keeps saying he wants to get back, that attitude is not going to help him. What is going to help him is the desire to change and to act with humility as he works towards change. From what I can see he is the same person doing the same thing over and over again and that is the definition of insanity.
i would like to say i have loved cory and cory since i can remember. friendship is everything..if you can't turn to your friends who can you turn to....don't let your friendship go down the drain as most people don't have friends as long as you and cory have been friends for..keep trying and feldman you need to keep trying too. on that note i feel bad for haim because in my opinion it seems like so many people are ganging up on him and they have no faith in him. we don't really know all the details of his life and all the right or wrong choices he has made. we don't know how serious he is about anything and his friends have probably heard the "i want to change my life story" lots in the past. but all they and we can do is support him and hope that he pulls through. i have witnessed the junkie life style as a kid and i know that it is hard to break, but i also know it can be done. in my opinion i believe that cory will change if he feels he really has the support and the trust he needs.we all know that earning trust and support is hard to get back, but he can do it. i wish that the industry would take a close look at the people pulling for haim and give him a chance. And in them doing that, cory should respect the people who love him and the people that are on his side pulling for him and try not to screw it up again. in my opinion that will be hard as hell as we all have up's and down's but it's how we deal with them and if all you know is drugs to deal with things and take you away from your problems it will be hard to change. i really do believe in you cory. smile you will be back on top of the world again, it might take time but you can do it i know you can...i believe you can...all my best wishes for your future and all my love.
punk ass
Well I don't have any info about C.H & C.F, but i love the Corey's so much. When i first saw C.F in Bordello Of Blood i fell in love with him, i dunno why i just did, after that i started watching everything he was in, I wasnt really a C.H Fan until, The episode of The Corey's when C.H & C.F got in to a fight and then the season ended, like i understood why C.H & Susie have alot of tention between them like, They both feel threated about each other being there like, I personally Dont Like susie, like shes not a bad person, but i get like a bitch vibe from her, shes kinda two faced and i dont like that. Well yeah two days ago i started watching the New Season of the two corey's & i was watching and i saw how C.H & C.F friendship is like almost gone now, and now there kinda just being asshole's to each other, but Corey Haim still wants to be friends with C.F but they need to solve there issues and maybe therapy was the way to go, but now it seems there friendship isnt repairing and i hope it does, & If Corey Feldman is reading this: Remember You and Haim have been through so much together and no matter what you'll be like brother's friendship or not, Stop listening to Susie & Other people, Listen to Yourself, Cause your fans are pulling for you to get your full Relationship with haim back, and i understand why your upset with him, but you two should stop being little asses and sit down and have a real conversation.

P.s Corey Haim
Ever since i started watching the two corey's i have been falling in love with you and i know we can never be, But i will always love you so dearly!
15 yr. Old Athenia From Toronto, Ont
Dear Corey,
My heart bleeds for you. You are just on the brink of recovery if you would just give up the pills. I know it's hard, but it's worth it. If you need help, call me. I will spend hours talking about it with you. You still have time and looks. I am older and wiser. That damn show makes you look sooo bad. Your assistant is a sweetie. Email any time [email protected] Good luck. Love yourself.
I just wanted to say that Cory Haim is a human being just like everyone else. people do make mistakes and do drugs and all of that to be high. I want people to just leave him alone he is still the best damn child actor out there. At least he is trying to get the help he needs and has friends and fans that support him 100%.
You Rock Cory
Good luck and hope to see a movie or TV show with you in it soon
One of your biggest fans
Paul from Hamilton Ontario
They have a show on A&E called 'The two Coreys'
My friend is friend of Corey Haim, I met him a few times, both he was NOT sober. He was a very sad person, I felt bad for him. My friend told me that there were very few times that he ever saw corey sober, and that it became so depressing that he stopped hanging out with him. He also told me that corey was a celebrity in his OWN mind...He thought that all the drugs he did really messed up his head, as it was impossible to carry on a normal conversation with him. When I met him I was shocked that he acted like a 12 yr. old child. Wasn't that smart, and no sense of humor. Very weird.
St. Kitts-
"the norm for kids in Canada"???
Are you a moron??
What an idiotic generalization.
Remove your head from your ass and your brain will probably work better.
P.S. He lives with his mom because he lost everything to depression and drugs - and F.Y.I. these two things are no more common in Canada than anywhere else
Responsible Canadian
The only info I have is that im gonna marry Corey Haim, even if he is about 13 years older then me :)
Kim Cantrell
i don't have an info on either one of these corey's but i do have to say this they both are great actors & who ever puts them down are just mad that cory haim & corey feildman are acting & they are not so what if they were in to drugs & everything else they are clean now leave them alone
well, i don't have any information to add. But i have something to say after checking this out and hearing other "news" about the Cory's on t.v. etc... I live in a small town in Canada and I think almost every young girl had poster's of the Cory's on their walls, including myself.. of course I'm over that now.. haah.. a long time ago.. and I feel really sick when I read this stuff about them.. Is it really that bad growing up being a child actor? why do ppl get into drugs in such a career? is it the pressure? It's just really disappointing.. do the Cory's ever wonder what would have happened to them if they had not become celebrity's, how would their lives have turned out? not that the past matters.. but i'm just curious. I can't identify, I work at a freakin drycleaners and pay bills and live check to check... but i'm happy. would i have gotten screwed up if i had grown up with pressure and lot's of money? well whatever.. anyway.. Good luck to you Cory Haim and Cory Feldman.. I remember watching both of you on the screen and I hope you both get what you truly want.

there is something I would like to say to Corey Feldman. I'm sorry but I think you need to stop taking up for your wife and realize how your treating Corey Haim. look, corey haim is like a brother to you. all I want to say is that you should really put your friends before your girlfriend or wife. even though if you do have a strong relationship. remember anyone can be your wife but no one can replace a friend.
O.K It has been forever since I wrote but I just wanted to say I love the new show (The Two Corey's)! And just incase Corey Haim or Corey Feldman are somehow actually reading this I want to say something to Corey feldman. I'm really sorry that you are stuck between Corey and Suzie. Your wife is very pretty but I don't think she has the best attitude towards Corey. like when she wrote her name on the lost boys poster with that silver sharpie or whatever it was. I don't think it was that nice for her to do that. I mean she didn't have to do that because there really wasn't a reason for that nonsense. She only did that because Corey was upset about her being there. and when she wrote her name down she new it would make Corey even more upset. that was really mean. I would like to give you advice. I've seen that if Suzie has a problem with Corey, you say something to Corey. But maybe if Corey has a problem with suzie you should say something to Suzie about it instead of just saying every conflict to Corey. I'm trying to say that if you tell corey how suzie feels about something, you should tell suzie how corey feels about something. Well can't wait to see the next episode. love you.
Hi everyone! I don't understand why everyone seems to take such pleasure in the difficulties that Corey F and Corey H have faced in their lives. Growing up in Hollywood is not easy. Why can't everyone just give these 2 guys a break and wish them good luck in the future? They are both talented actors who are still young enough to revive their careers. I wish them both well.
Im with Steve-o, holy hell, I used to luv both of the Coreys when I was young, they were plastered on my walls, but cmon, they are real people. Too many looney toons out here...We all have made bad choices in life at one time, just that us NON Celebrity types dont get it publicized 24/7
Cricket, NY
Not surprised the Corey Haim is LIVING with his mom in Toronto....that seems to be the norm for kids in Candada. They want so bad to be considered Adults....but they want the Adult title without being responsible. Only convenient to be to adult when it provides them with leverage....but when it comes to responsibility it falls on the folks(parents)(rent, food, telephone, cell phone, internet etc. etc. etc.......sucks!!!!!!
St. Kitts Grrl
Do these kids realize these movies theyre falling in love with the Corys on..are from the flippin 80's?
Corey Feldman and his wife are swingers. They got together with a pornstar friend of mine named Jenny Hendrix.
If I was Corey I would be seriously worried about being stalked by all these nutcases on here. Sad people, get a life!
The only sane person to post a message
I'm seriously doubting how old most of you are!! Corey Feldman first big role was "Friday the 13th IV" 1984 Corey Haim "Lucas" 1986

I may be off on these dates, but the point is the guys were kids, and they're about my age. They weren't hot, they were kids...

Who never knew about real life because obviously noone ever cared to teach them. Feldman's parent's used him like a slave, and HE probably paid most of their bills. Then one day they wake up and they're not cute anymore. All they learned how to do was party for months at a time...and guess what?? It catches up with you, real quick!

Honestly... they are real people and I wish them the best.

i think that corey haim is the hott kid i loveee uuu so much and wen u read this ur probbably like shes nuts 2 be honest im 13 teen im in love never felt like this ever until i saw corey haim in license to drive i have all his movies on dvd and corey haim i fell in love with in the goonies witch i have in dvd but im sorry i love corey haim better i lovveeeee uu corey haimmmmm despartley nicole write back pleasee im not crazy im in lovvee
xoxoxoxo ur bigest fannn
nicoel alofer/corey haim loverrr plus
The COREYS have a new TV show coming out next year on the A&E Network. Check out Corey Haim's official website for some hot new pix of him:
The Gin-meister
i think that corey haim is drop dead beautiful he is just plain sexy but i wanted deadly to know how he is now about any diffictulys he had in the past i lovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee youuuu corey haim ur so hotttttttt im ur biggest fan i have u every you were in my room and inmy mind lovvvveeeee you u may think im nuts im not[lollll] byeee<3333 xoxo nicole
They were all recently at collectormania 9 in Milton Keynes, UK.

See www.collectormania.com for information, have a look for c9 on the site and you will see pictures of what they all looked like last year.

Corey is The best, cutest actor I've ever come across. As a result of Corey my mate and I took weeks off school just to sit and watch The Lost Boys over and over again. F**king brilliant film. Corey F is also a legend too and they work wonderfully together. Corey, I would love to see you act again. I wish you every bit of happiness in your life and I hope you've come through the hard times. Money and fame doesnt always bring you happiness I guess. I hope it finds you again. Your No.1 fan forever xxxxx
Katy from London
O.K. so you'd think that people on this website would probably be writing about Corey Haim and Corey Feildman when they were growing up with them... But, not me!!! To be honest I am only 11 YEARS OLD!!! I was born in 1995. And to be honest again I think I'm in LOVE with both of them. Every time I see them on T.V. I get this weird feeling and I get goo-goo eyed. I first fell in love with Corey Feildman when I saw him in Stand By Me. As he got older he turned cuter. Then I fell in love with Corey Haim in License To Drive. For those who are reading this are probably thinking "Huh" but it's the truth. I am a 11 year-old girl who is in love with Corey Haim and Corey Feildman. Talk soon.
p.s I can't beleive that what I've read so far that Corey Haim and Corey Feildman don't have children.
I love CC (Hannah)
Cory Haim is living in Toronto Canada with his mother. He lives in my apartment building, I saw him two days ago.
O.K I don't know a lot about Corey Haim and Corey Feildman but I do know their HOT!!!!!! and I do know some movies they played in.I don't think people should put pressure on Corey Haim or Corey Feildman ( I think) about drugs. I don't know how they got started but I do know that most actors or actresses start because IT'S NATRAUL!!!. And whatz up on this wait on Corey Haim. People should not say mean things about that because I'm kinda overweight for my age ( witch I'm not telling). No matter what they look like now, I still love them and their still HOT inside. I think if their still in acting buisness, they should make a show staring them about their life. I Love You Corey Haim and Corey Feildman your my favorite actors and will alway's be forever!!!!!!
Corey Haim is one of my favorite actors, Even though he has had drug issuses, I have never thought any less of him. He's a one of a kind HOTTIE and I heard he's Living in California working on movies and would like to direct somtime in the near future. I wish he was in Wisconsin because thats were I reside. Good-luck Corey :)
I heard that Corey Haim weighs 300 pounds and currently lives with another washed-up former child star, Dustin Diamond who played Screech on Saved By The Bell. They live in Wisconsin and periodically visit colleges to do stand-up comedy, etc.
Kurt Steinberg
Corey Feldman has been clean since the early 90s and Corey Haim left re-hab for the last time in about 2002, and he is now sober aswell. They are both still working actors, Corey Feldman has completed 'The Birthday' and is working on a new movie 'The Straight Man' which he will be directing, producing and starring in. Corey Haim's movie 'Universal Groove' should be released some time this year (2006) and is also working on filming a new movie where he will play an undercover Jamaican drug dealer.
id just like to say that corey haim was so sweet as a kid and LOST BOYS is one of my all time faves! just seen him recently on tv and WOW has he changed! all looks good for him though and i still think he is a sweety! good on you Corey, you can do it again!!
Corey Haim has a new Official website: www.coreyhaim.tv
the info that i know that is cory haim is working on a movie right now he was such a hottie in his younger years cory if you need anyone im here dont worry im normal lol!!1
nicole alofer
You can catch a new appearance of COREY HAIM on VH1's "100 Greatest Teen Stars," premiering Monday evening, February 6, 2006. This is not the same as their "Greatest Kid Stars" and will feature the Haimster answering questions submitted by fans via the VH1 website. http://www.vh1.com/shows/dyn/the_greatest/97834/episode.jhtml
I grew up with the these guys and still love them like crazy. Here is an update on Corey Haim! the reporter could have been a little less blunt/rude. Regarless, I'm thrilled he's doing well!

Corey Haim filmography and info on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000433/

Corey Feldman filmography and info on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000397/
Katy Ingram
I sure hope not. I always watch cory and corys movies when they come on. It's like no matter how many times I see them I never get tired of them. I heard cory fieldman might be doing a Goonies 2. With them all grown up that would be great. I wish the best for cory fieldman and I don't get why all you people want to try to put him down. He might of hit some hard times but, it seems like he's doing ok now. Plus, it's not like any of you were ever famious so he's doing better than ya'll no matter what else he does. Anyway,though my favorite has always been Cory Haim. He may have gotten older and gained a little wieght but, he is still so adorable. I hope the best for him. It sounds like he may be having a hard time i hope he has loving family and friends to help him through any problems. Anyway, I just always thought you could look at Cory Haim and see how sweet he was. Well, I hope to see both of them more often. I watched them grow up while I was growing up and I MISS THEM BOTH!!
My cousin said she was told Cory Haim committed suicide. Is this true?
Corey Feildman was on one of the seasons of the "Surreal Life", and has also gotten married following the show or during. Sorry I don't remember exactly when he was maried but it happened.
Corey Feldman appeared on the Channel 4 programme "The Child Star Jinx" yesterday (9 July 2005), talking about his life after child stardom.
Katy Ingram
Corey haim is making a movie right now called Urbane Credited cast:
Doug Bradley .... Richard Germaine
Robert Englund .... Professor Fredricksen
Bob Goldthwait .... Jesus of Nazareth
Corey Haim .... The Honey Monster
Shannon Tweed .... St Vulvetta of Soho

Runtime: 110 min
Country: UK
Language: English
Color: Color

Yeah he's put on ALot of weight but thats do to not doing drugs any more really its puffy ness or bloated ness. He is also on Vh1 right now on the 100 top child stars countdown he's number 26 and he talkes through the whole countdown. You can still tell its him but he's pretty heavy. Still has that cute smile though. I wish him luck i'm sure he'll get the wait off he will have too to be in movie industry. Here's a recent interview in toronto where he lives. Click this link http://www.pulse24.com/Showbiz/Top_Story/20050418-002/page.asp
Corey Feldman had a cameo role in Dickie Roberts Former child Star with David Spade. Along with heaps of other Child Stars like Lucy from Dallas, most of the brady kids, Danny Bonaduce from the partridge family, willis from different strokes. The movie is a great watch...

Corey Haim is still on Drugs. Tried rehab heaps but failed miserably.

Well I saw him in Puerto Rico, working in the food business, selling "ALCAPURRIAS" in his restaurant near the beach in Piñones. The restaurant name is "El Cuchiflito". He is so fat that he can bearly go thru the door. He's last aperance on the media was in a TV program about The CHUPACABRAS, in which he was the "Star" impersonating the crature. Now he is a national hero.
Mr. Chin
Corey Feldman isn't doing drugs nemore im not sure about Corey Haim tho
They are the best actors. We both had crushes on them. They made us laugh and cry in all of their movies. We have seen them all and still looking for more movies. We would like to see them make another movie toghter. One of our favorites is "License to Drive". Crystal's favorite is Corey Feildman and Misty's favorite is Corey Haim. For a very long time. Still to this day. We have to say they are the best and keep up the great work. Where can we get their CD's? Love your biggest fans. We are from Tennessee.
Crystal Abney and Misty Baskerville
What ever happened to Cory Haim?
The Thrills
I found a story on Cory Haim in the Sacramento Bee: LOS ANGELES, CA: An overweight and clearly intoxicated Corey Haim was seen attempting to shoplift a piece of pizza from a local eatery. The days of shitty teen 80s movies and preteen skanks are long removed for the blubbery Haim, who now finds the only film he is starring in now is "Fat hobo has-been", in which he has a recurring role. The diminuitive douche bag has been sleeping on the streets since 1999, when his last film, "The Gay Ol' Corys" (with a equally queerific Corey Feldman) tanked miserably. Troubling is the fact that Haim has not been able to find work despite a wide array of acting abilities, ranging from 16 year old geek, 16 year old heartthrob, and 16 year old bad boy. For now, Haim has found solace in the fact that, as he put it, "I have more acting ability than these crack head homeless people". I wouldnt hold your breath, Cory.
Tyler Tyler Tyler
Corey Haim is my Cousin....I think that he is living with his mom right now....I feel so bad that he had to get involved with the drugs. Even though he is my cousin...he was a total hottie in lost boys!!!
My buddy works for actionmantoys.com and he says there releasing a new Corey Haim action figure. It's 6 inches high and vibrates. There only making 50 of them!!! Please see my site at ebay right now!!!
most of u r so mean! I'm only in high school now, but i'm in love with the 80's movie and i think corey haim is such a babe! he was sooo hot when he was 16-19 years old and i have seen everything that everyone said he was on! from Big wolf on campus to dickie roberts and he was also in the movie Snowboarding School in like the early 90's. i just saw that movie resently on t.v. and he is still a total babe, also it was filmed in CANADA! (and it was only a province away from were i live!). I love him soo much. And in other news Corey Feiltmen is a winy baby on the reality show called "the serreal life" with washed up old has beens (execpt for vince because motily crew was awesome)in the first season.
poor Corey haim. Maybe he is off the drugs now cause hes put on alot of weight. I wish he would grow up. It must be sooo hard for him but he needs to get a real job now. Get on with your life Corey.
sk8 mom
Cory Feldman is clean and sober has been for going on 9 years. he has tried several times to get Cory Haim on track to a sober life. i am not a recovering alcoholic/drug addict or a fan of either of the two Corys. Just stating a well known fact. For that matter Cory Feldman has several emotional issues he needs to deal with. Once again. He is and has been alcohol and drug free for almost a decade. thats an accomplishment he should be acknowledged for....
doesent matter
Corey Feldman is now endorsing a cool band in Nashville called The Fabulous Has Beens: http://fabuloushasbeens.com/
Southern Corey Lover
I just found Cory Haim lives like down the street from me, in an apartment underneath a girl I work with!! It's so exciting because Lost Boys is a childhood favorite of mine! My friend says he's out walking around the area all the time! But I guess I just haven't noticed him becuase of the weight he's gained! Just thought i'd share.
Cory Haim guest stared on Big Wolf On Campus in 2001, near the same time E! did a story on him. Soon afterwords he slipped back into his drug abuse habbits and was caught on a security camera trying to pawn a rather cheap watch in a pawn store...the owners gave the tape to a L.A. tv news station. Since then he's been in and out of rehab and trying to pick up bit parts, only he has great difficulty with memory and must constantly be reminded what his lines are or where he is suppose to be standing.
I am so in love with Cory Haim. Have been since I was a kid. I just read about Jonathan Brandis committing suicide this past year and was thinking that If I had been able to help him I would have. I feel the same way about Cory and if he is ever having a hard time in his career and needs a friend I'm here. Ive never been a fanatic but I just adore him. Cory if you read this look me up. Im normal.
I saw one of the Coreys (I can\'t remember which one, it was just funny coz it was a Corey) on the TV show \'The Guardian\'
Corey Haim was just in the movie "Dickie Roberts" and he got really really fat...you can barely even recognize him. He is in the end of the movie singing the song with all of the other child stars!!
in the victoria beckham autobiography, it says she dated corey haim but he was a jealous twatty coward. he chickened out of gettin his nose pierced. lolol wat a freak
mad allie
Haim tried to sell his teeth on Ebay
cory haim is a director
"They both are heavy into drugs!!!"
"Corey feldman - last i seen was in moby's video - 'we r all made of stars' music video. and is still making movies"
"Corey Feldman is concentrating on his music now & has a few CD's released in the US."