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What Happened To Corey Haim and Corey Feldman?

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Errr.... Who? Starred in classics such as 'The Lost Boys', 'License to drive' and 'Goonies' in the 80's when they were young.

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Dear, Corey Haim
I am truly a BIG fan of you and your movies. My most favorite movie of yours was lucas because, it really touched my heart when you did that movie MOST IMPORTANTLY I LIKE ALL YOUR MOVIES IN THE 80'S. You are an inspiring actor then any actor i loved before i love you corey haim <3 <3 <3 R.I.P. (December 23, 1971- March 10, 2010) We all love you
I grew up with the two Coreys, I liked them both. Haim-the gentle and easy-going, Feldman-the rebel. They are very cute. That is why I always liked the two of them.I am a big fan of their movies. I watched their movies ever since they were about 10 years old in them, but my favorite movie of all time is "The Lost Boys"! I was deeply upset when I heard about what happen to Haim, especially because of him living with his mother. That had to hurt her even more than ever, and I hope that she is doing just fine, it has to to be so hard for a mother to lose a baby, no matter how old the are. They are always their mother's baby. Will love you always!!
Tabitha Leighton
As Feldman said to press, he died of a drug overdose, died in front of his own mother, no one to talk to. Feldman and Haim got into a fight shortly before Haim killed himself. This is very sad news and he will always be missed.
NO NO NO!!! Corey HAIM died of an OD in front of his own mother. Im seeing everyone saying Feldman, but he just did Lost Boys 3 THE final Lost Boys film. They both admitted to being sexually assaulted as kids. Haim took it worse than Feldman, cutting, drinking and using. Please, get your facts straight.
Im really upset that corey feldman is dead because I adored him I was a huge fan I would do anything to bring the great corey feldman back to life. I also first seen corey in the goonies and I was very upset and let down when I heard he was dead from a drug overdose I actually belive it. I know it sounds silly yeah I know I cried so bad beacause I had it in my head that when I was older I could go to america to find him and make very good friends with him because when I saw him in the goonies he was awesome and cool as and Im still very upset so see you bye
connor reavey
Well, I don't really have any new information about the Coreys.
The most recent news is that Corey Haim unfortunately died, and Corey Feldman and his wife divorced.
I really wanted to post something on here, because the last time I did so was when I was 11. I am now 15, and yes, I am still deeply in love with the two Cs. Looking back, my posts on here were pretty amatuer haha
I would just like to say that I am glad that Feldman and Suzie divorced. Though, I think Corey should have filed for divorce, instead of Suzie(from what I've read). Zen Scott Feldman is a handsome little man! He definitely has his father's looks.

Hopefully Haim is in a better place now. Admittingly, I still do not know how he for surely passed. I heard that it was from drug overdose, and I also heard it was from Pneumonia. Although I never knew him, I sure do miss him.

Also, I read on Wikipedia(though people claim that it's an unreliable source)that before Corey Haim died, he and Feldman were working on a sequel of "Liscense To Drive" called "Liscense To Fly". That sure would've been a great film.

Anyways, the only thing that I hope for is the best to Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. They will always remain two of my favorite actors.
it's so sad that cory died alone they say he wallked around looking for someone to talk to i wish i was there for you mate we're the same age. i've every one of his movies it was like losing a best friend when he died im so gutted rip mate
stuart pattison
I miss you Corey Haim. My heart hurts. Wish your life could have been longer, and without so many heartaches. I Love you.
It's Corey FELDMAN not FEILDMAN....no letter i in the last name. But any way, as far as Corey Haim, I hope he is at peace now.
I tried posting this earlier but I guess it didn't take. Regarding my earlier post I used the wrong website listing instead of amen.com it should be amenclinic.com. I apologize for any inconvienence that may have been caused.
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