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Errr.... Who?


This is what they are doing now...

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to book me for dj gigs facebook dan corsi or call boogiebass djs on 07508565586
dan corsi
im a dj in gilgamesh in camden and still modelling.
warren is a very big promotor
michael is styling for everyone and has just got back from china
yes andy is living in LA and sing writing for all the big stars
ziggy is running a club on kings road.
yes we where asked to do the big reunion but some of us didn't have time to do it due to other work.

see ya.xx
dan corsi
Lee Baldry was in the initial line-up but dropped out due to disagreements within the band, best thing he did since NL got nowhere!
came across this page by unfortunate mistake. wtf, is this discussion for real, get out of your make believe bubbles and get a godamm life
I went on tour with Northern Line in 1998 with Storm modelling agency. Lovely boys, especially Warren. Always friendly and funny. It's a shame they disappeared.
Warren Morris is my nephew and his talent has gone unrecognised for far too long. He has the most fantastic stage presence and has an amazing voice. What a waste.
Vicki Tredinnick
"Ziggy left his lips at home. i dont think i have cringed at anyone so much...
as for his musical talents... i think his song he wrote in BB8 says it all...

get him out."

I actually consider him quite attractive, L.
"Ziggy is a naughty boy. He hasn't cleaned his room in weeks. submitted by Ziggy's Dad."

I thought that he did not live at home anymore.
Ziggy is a lying cheating smarmy git. He did the dirt on chanelle and then made up a whole load of lies about her and sold them to the papers.
I am getting married to Warren this year. Apparently Dan started the rumour about warren being gay because he was jealous of him. Warren is actually now called Dr. Jekyl and working with Coolio on his next album. His fiancee Renata Campos- Brazil
hi all loved bb the best bits where chanelle and ziggy get bk together. i thought i would say this coz he was hot in northern line. loved chanelle im a big spice girls me self i could nt aford tickets tho. love u lods????
AROUND THE WORLD by northern line should be in boy band hall of fame! as a feel good boyband song its a classic, shame the fellas didnt get the recognition they deserve, just like Ziggy on BB8, behaved like a proper human being, didnt go over the top to impress, very seldom anyone who's had a sniff of previous success shows such human frailty, deserves a very rewarding life methinks.
hope him and chanelle make a go of it, all the best Zig
Get ziggy out frm bb he's driving me nuts
chanelle hayes
hiya, every1 i just wanted 2 say that im not pregant!!!! i dot now who made that up!!! anyway guys g2g bye :) lolx
i cant wait gonna catch up with the spice girls tour CRAZY TIMES lolx:)
Chanelle Hayes
I think Ziggy is a woamanising creep, and Channelle is better of staying well away from him. If I meet Ziggy in the street I won't be responsible for my actions. I think he deserves a good slap. Who does he think he is treating Channelle like a piece of shit.

If he comes to Newcastle I suggest he stays away from me.
Hiya, every1 im chanelle from the bb8.
As u all now that i walked out of bb8 cos of ZIGGY i still do have feelings for him still but i don't know if i can trust him anymore!!!!!!! Ever since ive left the bb8 i still have been wacthing it and have relised that ZIGGY AKA CHIGGY lolx still did have feelings for me!!! when i whent on bbbm and bblb i found out alot of things i wish him luck in bb and hope we can get a again and try 2 start freshly.......
Chanelle Hayes
Ziggy is a naughty boy. He hasn't cleaned his room in weeks.
Ziggy's Dad
Ziggy left his lips at home. i dont think i have cringed at anyone so much...
as for his musical talents... i think his song he wrote in BB8 says it all...

get him out
I'm actually headed out on the town tonight with Warren and I worked with Zak for a while when he was club promoting (Bouji etc). Warren is producing under the name Jekyll & Hyde, working with Coolio, some chick from Groove Armada and a bunch of other artists. Warren or Wazza, as I affectiontely refer to him, isn't to the best of my knowledge isn't gay - even with a suspicious number of 'female friends'.
Mr Me
Just so you all know I am Warrens boyfriend and we're planning on getting married in spring next year. We're in the process of adopting a child, i'll let you know how we get on. Love to you all, Warren & Donzy xx
i read in the paper that one band member had overdosed and died? can anyone tell me if this is true and if so which boy? x
ziggy is so hot :)
chaniggy 2getha 4eva
i saw warren on asif once...
Warren has put on a shedload of weight
Zac has arrived in the UK Big Brother House - 2007
Hi, I went into Big Brother yesterday calling myself Ziggy. Presumably because I'm a bit pretentious, but who knows, I may like Bowie or something. Whatever, my real name is Zak and I plan to snog the face off all the girls in there - hitting the big time once again! Yeah, I RULE!
It's Zak that's going in BB, isn't it?
One Of Them's In Big Brother =]
Ziggy has just walked into the big brother house
nick is going into the big brother house this yr
richard towey
The guy mentioned below, working at Gourmet Burger.................... Well he's obviously hit the big time hasn't he!! I met Mr Jonsel Gherkin,or should I say Jonsel Cornichon....at the burger establishment about a year ago, and I will never be eating there again after he admitted what he does to a handful of the unfortunate general public's food, told me he doesn't clear up after his dog when it excretes in public and let rip loudly in my bed a minute after getting in it... suffice to say my bedsprings didn't see any action that night! Anyone else disastified with their portion, comments please................
A disastisfied customer
One of the boys is working as a waiter in Gourmet Burger in Brighton.
I am living in Sweden..
Me and my friend Jenny met the band in Sweden at a hotel in "Haninge".
They were recording some songs with a "famous" dj called D-flex..
I was "sleeping" with Dan at the hotel for a few days. And Jenny slept with Andy.. After that we had telephone contact for a while.
Dan told me that Warren was gay..
Their manager or leader in Sweden was a girl named "Nina". She was very pissed off that we were hanging on the hotel all the time.. ha,ha
Take care, X
Zach got dissed by Mary HD on a reality series called 5 go dating haha
dan corsi had an affair with kerry katona when she was married to brian. they apparently met when they toured together at the smash hits poll winners party or sumat when she was in atomic kitten. northern line supported steps in may 2000...thats all i know!
ive met Warren a couple of times my friend is sort of seeing him...cute and still doing music stuff
Warren is a producer, singer-songwriter putting a new album together with his brother. I know him well and he wants to know who Sab is and about his apparent child.
Mark Gad
Who cares if Lee was in NL or not? He's sexy and gorgeous!!!! :)
Hi Sab, say hi to Warren for me. God it's been years since I have seen him. Hope you're both well and the baby!!! x
Lee swears he was in Northern Line ... Does anyone have piccies?
Minnie Binnie
Hi all, iam a close friend to 1 of the members and i know that lee baldry did not even make the cut to be in NL. so dont know where all this "he was in the band" is coming from... :)
Yes Lee Baldry was in Northen Line. He left the band before they released any material though.
lee baldry is now presenting quizmania on late night itv - he's got a nice perma tan
Dan Corsi is oftn hanging aroung Topshop in London chatting up birds!
Hi think lee baldry is sexy i watch him every nite on quizmania
jenny wilson
Lee Baldry is a beautiful presenter on Quizmania, who was the a member of northern line
Hayley Yates
Lee Baldry was in NL and hes now working on Quizmania (itv 12pm+) He works many nights a week on the show. -and as someone said before, check his website!
Warren works at the restaurant Nobu on Park Lane, Zaks a doorman, not a club owner
Hey, Sab, I dont know if Warren will remember me, probably not, but tell him the brazilian girl that met him at a mini show at a shop in Oxford Street saya Hi! I even kept in touch with them through phone while i was in uk. But that was back in 1999. Wish all the luck to them!
Thati (brazilian girl)
Warren is a model


Lee Baldry???? Where did that come from there were five guys called Warren, Andy, Michael, Zac and Dan. I dunno where you got this Lee guy from but he wasn't one of the NL lads!!!! btw, sab, could you tell warren that the manc girls wish him all the luck in the world for himself, you and the baby!!!

Oh La La

Lee Baldry is now working on sky vegas live on channle 272 and has his own website www.leebaldry.com
rob thomas
Zach is dating Suzanne (ex hearsay) after Darren day did dirty on her. and he is a night club owner.
i have a baby with warren
Warren the lead singer was in a band called the Portal for a while. Dan Corsi is now seeing Kerry McFadden!
Andy Love is a very succesful songwriter now. he writes for blazin\' squad, blue, the german popband "brosis" and some other bands...
Lee Baldry who was a member I believe is now working as an auctioneer on Bid-Up.tv.
Mr. Johnson
"One of the boys recently appeared on Channel 4 show 'Five go Dating'."
"One of 'em was in pop idol's final ten and went on the tour, I believe. The others are rumored to still be in the music business."