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to book me for dj gigs facebook dan corsi or call boogiebass djs on 07508565586
dan corsi
im a dj in gilgamesh in camden and still modelling.
warren is a very big promotor
michael is styling for everyone and has just got back from china
yes andy is living in LA and sing writing for all the big stars
ziggy is running a club on kings road.
yes we where asked to do the big reunion but some of us didn't have time to do it due to other work.

see ya.xx
dan corsi
Lee Baldry was in the initial line-up but dropped out due to disagreements within the band, best thing he did since NL got nowhere!
came across this page by unfortunate mistake. wtf, is this discussion for real, get out of your make believe bubbles and get a godamm life
I went on tour with Northern Line in 1998 with Storm modelling agency. Lovely boys, especially Warren. Always friendly and funny. It's a shame they disappeared.
Warren Morris is my nephew and his talent has gone unrecognised for far too long. He has the most fantastic stage presence and has an amazing voice. What a waste.
Vicki Tredinnick
"Ziggy left his lips at home. i dont think i have cringed at anyone so much...
as for his musical talents... i think his song he wrote in BB8 says it all...

get him out."

I actually consider him quite attractive, L.
"Ziggy is a naughty boy. He hasn't cleaned his room in weeks. submitted by Ziggy's Dad."

I thought that he did not live at home anymore.
Ziggy is a lying cheating smarmy git. He did the dirt on chanelle and then made up a whole load of lies about her and sold them to the papers.
I am getting married to Warren this year. Apparently Dan started the rumour about warren being gay because he was jealous of him. Warren is actually now called Dr. Jekyl and working with Coolio on his next album. His fiancee Renata Campos- Brazil
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