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Errr.... Who?


This is what they are doing now...

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i seen alan on the voice talent show of ireland here he is:

Follow alan on twitter @FitzsimonsAlan
i remember being on duty for st john's @ the big breakfast in dun-laoghaire, dublin because we were first aid so we were backstage and we had the luxury of having breakfast with the lads from O.T.T. . They were really sound and so nice and friendly no air's and graces about them.(recently their song came up on an irish programme - reeling in the years 1997) so i went on you tube to look up their songs and it reminded me how much i loved the songs "all outta love" & "story of love" ...they should re-unite everyone else is doing it ;-) but i wish them luck with whatever they are doing now coz it must have been hard getting back to normal life...enjoy your private life lads!!;-)
how can i find Adam on facebook? please help!!!!
Alan is in a wedding band now called Perfect Day both Alan and Adam (whos real name is Alan) are both on Facebook
I know where Alan is and how to contact him.
God, i'm just reading all the comments below, while funnily enough listening to the album. Got it into my head i wanted to hear track 14 (this one's for you).
Saw Alan in Galway one weekend a short while back.
Rumour had it Keith lived here for a while too.
With all the boyband reunions these days, i'd defo go see OTT!!! :o)
Em (Galway)
If anyone really does know how to get in contact with ALAN FRANCIS PAUL FITZSIMONS he is owed a few thousand pounds by PPL in the UK. He should contact them ASAP as this money is only available until the end of April 2010. Visit their website for contact info. http://www.ppluk.com/
Mark Kelly
Hi all, you can download their complete album OTT - THIS ONES FOR YOU , from this link... Hope you all enjoy it.... it includes all the song, forever girl etc..

i remember seeing alan around at the corner shops in jobstown years ago....does he still live in Tallaght???
just been going thru some old stuff and found an A4 size piece of paper with all the lads autographs on & a pic. They signed it for my daughter Melissa. They were at Stockport Cerebral Palsy Society organising a charity event about 12 yrs ago.
Carrie Phelan
check out my OTT fans group on facebook....
Zoe B
Does any body know where Alan Fitzsimons is now. I am an old friend with a great oppertunity for Alan right now. If anyone knows how to contact him tell him to get in touch with me Urgently PLEASE. OH and Thank You Guys.
Norris Stephens
No idea how old this page is but I'm having great flashbacks reading it!
We used to follow the boys everywhere and torture their mammy's! Niall's mammy Martha, even lent me a pair of gloves for my debs ball!
Thanks for the fun times and the memories guys and all the girls that used to follow too (including a couple I see on here from very early BZ days!)
Anyone feels like getting in touch the email is [email protected]
Mags here yas are all right Al is working in Vodafone and up to recently he was my TL :-(

But guess what all yo alan fanatic fans I GET TO SEE HIM EVERYDAY WOHO HAHA
Al is ubbercool most genuine person you will meet.

Love ya al
Missing Those days we had...
I'm the one of being crazy in lads..they are my absolutely first love with boyband...I miss them so much..esp. Niall ( I miss u so) many year pass but i'm sure that u guys still in our heart...if anyone have any information about Niall plz tell me, i'm dieing to know...Hay Alan nice to see ur message...you giveing my regonize all of those lovely memory...
if anyone want to talk about the lads please e-mail me at [email protected]
Kirana (Bangkok,Thailand)
Kirana S.
hi all, its not info on the lads its a question, i've searched the whole net for a song they released in 1997 (forever girl) but cant find it anywhere. can anyone help? x
what about Nail?

does Glen has myspace?
oh loved ott! me n my pal sharon used to follow them (we from Glasgow) all over the place met lods of fab people through it ... Zoe, debs etc those wee the days!!!
All the lads used 2 come up 2 my house after being out in RTE because 1 of them woz my brother and then they all soon were like brothers to me. Glen is the one who's my brother hense my surname. oh and they came 2 my school once 4 my birthday 2 surprise me. miss them loads
Nancy Clarke

DId Alan actually respond to your email? maybe you should have him email me also.... i wanna see hows adam is doing...

Luv, Ashanie
Hey Alan

Its Linda if your back on Email me when you get a chance I lost your mobile number how blonde..

Chat soon Babe

PS: Scarlet Elaine Fitz

[email protected]

Linda F
Well i wish i had info but i thought OTT were one of the better 90s boybands, Story Of Love is a class tune indeed!

[email protected]

OTT rock!!the best band and i miss them heaps : (
[email protected]
Those were the days eh. They seem like so long ago. If anyone wants to chat about their days following OTT, my email is: [email protected]
Does anyone know if the guys have myspace pages?
Well if you ever come on this site again Alan.... do you remember Charlee - my daughter with leukeamia whom you met us on the big breakfast??? Well woohoo long time ago now - Char is nearly 15 and doing brilliantly.. If you kept in touch with the guys or Adam Lambert give em my love and get in touch. [email protected] love lisa
Lisa & Charlee
sorry had to type below in a rush ignore my crap spell check xx
gosh I used to be mad for this lot! I was hugely into alan an me and my mates gemma, Sarah and Joanne ( all from Blackpool)use to try and follow them everywhere we could we were only about 16 at the time. I mate some great people Zoe from oxford, Jude from Manchester, Carla from Manchester , debs from Dublin....if you lot are around drop us a line!

Alan good to hear you are doing well and this makes me want to pop over and say oi oi as now at least I am old enough to drink!

to all the guys hope you are well and happy

holly (Scottish)

[email protected]
ashanie, i recently met up with alan he's a great guy, i think adam is at university though i'm not sure where, if i can find alan and he's been out of the country for years all i casay is keep trying!!!!!!!!
Hi guys....im going to UK next month..... i really need to see Adam MAtes.....DOes anyone know where he is????? gosh i miss him.....
if anyone knows, pleaseeeeeee let me know.....
Thank ya' all......
Alan thought you better know my message was in regards to potentially setting up an interview with you for a university project, just needed you to know im not a stalker! im coming to dublin in august and it would mean a lot if u could spare me half an hour thankyou ;]
Staci Morrey
Alan if you happen to come to this website again, I know this is a bizarre request considering you dont know me, but i assure you that I am quite sane! I would very much like to chat with you if you have the time, I would be very grateful if you could please E-Mail me at, [email protected]
Staci Morrey
Adam lambert (Reggie) was working with Busted, he now works for solo Matt Willis. Hes 35 now. Looing very fit as ever.... but without the long hair!
Hi guys...yeah i know u guys all know each other and stuff....can someone let me know what Alan is up to???????? i followed him back then when i was 16 years old....LOL...those days were fun....PLease...sumone who is nice enough to lemme know.... Thank you
yeah gel is currently bartending a bar in manhattan on the upper east side called "becks bar" he is there 4/5 nights a week. its on first avenue and i think 62nd.
hi there well me and my sisters had so many laughs following ott tracie (the glen fan) sarah(the niall fan) and me who else but the alan fan we were gutted when it all ended and we all had our kids and well me having a little girl wonders what boybands she might go for. alan if your reading please email for a chat or something or have you forgot me? i was the one you might remember was at this morning with a dress with two splits up with stockings on. ha ha well i hope the guys are doing well. oh my email is [email protected]
hey jules where have you been me and suzie woo are waiting to hear from you ,wanting to hear more about reggie man last time i spoke to him was 5yrs ago just before i got preggas with my bethany.
so do get in touch at suzies e mail would be great to hear from you again xxx
lou (dreamteam)
Hi y'all,
i read the notes that Alan wrote....where is Adam Mates?????? i would like to see him again, someday..... i met these guys in Hong Kong. would like to know what they up to...so is Alan still works for vodafone or not? gees i really wanna know!!!!!!! if anyone, if Alan... you all reading this post....please email me @ [email protected]..... thanks!

well i will leave notes here once a month til someone will reply me...... think i am crazy... but im still a big fan!!!!!

Have maled you suzie and Lou
Let me know if you dont get it
I did do a long reply here, but then the page couldnt be displayed when I submitted
Anyway I have sent an email, so let me know if you havent had it
Jules xx
Jules..Dream team
hi heres a message to jules thanks for your message we really laughed and thought about all the old times when we read your message, what are you upto these days ? i (suzie) tryed to contact niall recently but with no avail ! we think about the ott times often and have a good laugh ? get in touch last i heard glen and niall were both still single ? and reggie well he will be in his 40's now bet hes still well fit though ! get in touch love suzie and lou xx would love to know how life has been in the last 10 years oh my god 10 years ! ps are you going to the take that reunion gigs ?
suzie & lou (dreamteam)
Oh I miss the ott days, those days were the best days of our lives, we used to have some laugh. Hi Alan if u still come on here, hope you remember me and jackie(c). Ha ha. Where do you do kareoke? We'd love to go and see you.xx
Michelle&Jackie - Dublin
no info really but wanted to get in touch with you (Jules) got your message what a laugh how are you these days whats going on in your life ? are you still living at home ? are you married ? children ? get back in touch via email if poss ? [email protected] xx be nice to chat about the past and whats happened in your life in the last few years ?
suzie & lou (dreamteam)
Wow just happened on this website by chance!-i was so crazy about OTT when they were around! I used to rip up Boyzone posters cos i wanted everyone to like OTT instead! Alan if you start going solo there will be plenty of old fans there to support you!! Ps. When i got their autographs..they ROBBED MY PEN! ;-)
Hey Suzie Hey emmalou
Long tme no speak, Hope you are both well and lifes treating you good ;)
Those were the days werent they, We were on the verge of becoming alchogolics I think haha
man that was weird seeing you both onnb here, My friend just found it by mistake, and i only found out recently she ever liked OTT so I re lived some of our times with her, Not the time we went to wales for the video shoot though hahaha
awww take care girls missed ya loads :(
think of you both with fond memories :(
Jules xxxxxxxx
Jules (dreamteam)
Hello to all you crazy people who have written in about OTT. Hello to my gorgeous Best friends Bec & Katie Davies whom I met following OTT all those years ago! Man we had a blast!!!! Bec & Katie I officially love you both & can't wait to visit you next week! Big love goes out to Nola, Douster & Sazzie (wherever you are!) Big love to Angie (whom I affectionately call Mummy) Anyone wants to talk OTT mail me at [email protected]
OTTing were the best days of my life, we certainly lived the dream.
Much love & respect to boys & my girls...
Ok, this is my Second attempt at writing a message!! Hee hee! (wonders ~ Unless it does take over 10 days for a message to go on!!) I used to follow the band everywhere!! Being awake for 36 hours, drinking far too much and having, i'd say the best experience of my life (SO FAR!) Wouldnt have changed any of it for the world. Meeting great friends along the way who of which i still see all the time and are my bestest mates! Kimmi, Douster, Nola, Kt (sister), Mummy and tallestgirl in the world (saz - although we dont keep in contact with her!) Katie has a 2 year old son and got married in July, which i amd kimmi were bridesmaids! Nola and Douster came for the wedding and had a reunion! (not seen each other in 5 years!) How we could just go back and do it all again!! Im 25 now and last saw the lads as a group when i was 20 i think!! Saw Niall In dublin a few years back when i went over for a few days, he was working for a Printers and got a Baileys contract and a new car!! Sorry though Lou and Suzie, really cant remember you both. But can Email me at : [email protected] Take care Peeps xxx
Bec. x D x
any ex ott craves who used to travel around with the lads who remembers us love to hear from you get in touch girls xxxxx
suzie and lou (the dreamteam girls)
hey alan long time no hear glad to read your cool and that there is life after a boyband do you see or speak to the other guys and reggie(adam)as for us weve have three daughters between us so life is a far cry from our crazy craving days love to know more about how you and the guys are doing we think about our drunken nights all the time love to hear from you get back to us .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

p.s we bet you still look (so gorgeous) we do

lou and suzie (the dream team girls)
It's all true- I did work in Trukey with my mate Ross- I still work in Vodafone -you'll probably catch me in your local Karaoke and having a laugh- did get the bus but not anymore as I have a new set of wheels - last but not least it's good to be back in Dublin - there is life after being in a boyband- jasus goin' on thirthy in November- ahh well live it up large people x.
Alan Fitzsimons
Hello folks , just came on this website by chance-and all that the other people saed is true- I'm still working in Vodafone in customer support,I'm working on a recording project and you'll probably catch me around Dublin singing in your local karaoke and having a laugh-the way life is supposed to be-ohh yeah and by the way not on the bus anymore as I got myself a set of wheels-all the best people and there really is life after being in a boyband- reality smack but it's good to be back xxxxxx
Alan Fitzsimons
no, lee west was in north and south. i know im sad that i know that, and am correcting u on it...but it has to be done!
Alan is now working in Vodafone. He moved to Turkey as an entertainer in 2000, then to Lanzarote, before going to New York for a few years.
Alans Mate..From Turkey
hey i fink OTT r gr8! wot they up 2 now??????

email me: [email protected] thankz

Yeah the one who works for Vodafone was on my bus this morning, bless. But I heard him sing at a karaoke recently and he was fantastic! Should have made it on his own.
Alan is now working in Vodafone head office in Sandyford in Dublin as a Customer Service Rep .
Diana (dolly lolly)
Glen (real name Tiernan) goes to de Mont now. I met him in the union a while back. I think he's doing theatre.
Alan and Glen moved to New York but Glen is back in Dublin now. Alan is a barman in an irish pub
One of the singers, Lee Otter, sprang up as a solo artist a year or two back as Lee West.

He bombed.