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i seen alan on the voice talent show of ireland here he is:

Follow alan on twitter @FitzsimonsAlan
i remember being on duty for st john's @ the big breakfast in dun-laoghaire, dublin because we were first aid so we were backstage and we had the luxury of having breakfast with the lads from O.T.T. . They were really sound and so nice and friendly no air's and graces about them.(recently their song came up on an irish programme - reeling in the years 1997) so i went on you tube to look up their songs and it reminded me how much i loved the songs "all outta love" & "story of love" ...they should re-unite everyone else is doing it ;-) but i wish them luck with whatever they are doing now coz it must have been hard getting back to normal life...enjoy your private life lads!!;-)
how can i find Adam on facebook? please help!!!!
Alan is in a wedding band now called Perfect Day both Alan and Adam (whos real name is Alan) are both on Facebook
I know where Alan is and how to contact him.
God, i'm just reading all the comments below, while funnily enough listening to the album. Got it into my head i wanted to hear track 14 (this one's for you).
Saw Alan in Galway one weekend a short while back.
Rumour had it Keith lived here for a while too.
With all the boyband reunions these days, i'd defo go see OTT!!! :o)
Em (Galway)
If anyone really does know how to get in contact with ALAN FRANCIS PAUL FITZSIMONS he is owed a few thousand pounds by PPL in the UK. He should contact them ASAP as this money is only available until the end of April 2010. Visit their website for contact info. http://www.ppluk.com/
Mark Kelly
Hi all, you can download their complete album OTT - THIS ONES FOR YOU , from this link... Hope you all enjoy it.... it includes all the song, forever girl etc..

i remember seeing alan around at the corner shops in jobstown years ago....does he still live in Tallaght???
just been going thru some old stuff and found an A4 size piece of paper with all the lads autographs on & a pic. They signed it for my daughter Melissa. They were at Stockport Cerebral Palsy Society organising a charity event about 12 yrs ago.
Carrie Phelan
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