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Errr.... Who? English soap star of the 80's

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Had a few beers with Paul in the south of Spain. Just down the road from Marbella about 25 years ago. Very nice chap. He had some heart ache at the time.
Just seen paul enjoying beans on toast in a bar in Estepona with friends
Saw Paul today (Benny) in The Green Bar Bowling club, BENA VISTA, looking happy an sun tanned. What a nice Man
Not sure who is posting as paul henry but they are an imposter and talking utter rubbish!
09 July 2012 - Saw Paul today having a coffee in Salduba bar in Puerto Banus, Spain. He looked tanned and well sitting there, and was smiling away with his shirt open to the waist. We see celebs here all the time so i didn't say anything to him but he looked a really nice bloke.
I saw him yesterday in the golf Shop at hill Valley golf course, joking with Matthew :)
Sheila Lockett
Had a drink with Paul last night (27/01/12) in the Black Horse Northfield. looking very well for 66!
Tommy Nichols
would love to see paul on tv again. will paul be on tv in 2012?
I was at hill valley golf club in whitchurch a few weeks go and he was there.
I now work in road surfacing but maintain my interest in golf and do a little acting from time to time.

My partner Dave and I collect Japanese porcelain curios and matchboxes.

I divide my time between Stevenage, Blackpool, Gibraltar and Horsham.

I no longer gamble but still succumb to the other vices from time to time.

Although people still think of me simply as “Benny”, that was many years ago now.
Paul Henry
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