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Errr.... Who?

English soap star of the 80's

This is what they are doing now...

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Had a few beers with Paul in the south of Spain. Just down the road from Marbella about 25 years ago. Very nice chap. He had some heart ache at the time.
Just seen paul enjoying beans on toast in a bar in Estepona with friends
Saw Paul today (Benny) in The Green Bar Bowling club, BENA VISTA, looking happy an sun tanned. What a nice Man
Not sure who is posting as paul henry but they are an imposter and talking utter rubbish!
09 July 2012 - Saw Paul today having a coffee in Salduba bar in Puerto Banus, Spain. He looked tanned and well sitting there, and was smiling away with his shirt open to the waist. We see celebs here all the time so i didn't say anything to him but he looked a really nice bloke.
I saw him yesterday in the golf Shop at hill Valley golf course, joking with Matthew :)
Sheila Lockett
Had a drink with Paul last night (27/01/12) in the Black Horse Northfield. looking very well for 66!
Tommy Nichols
would love to see paul on tv again. will paul be on tv in 2012?
I was at hill valley golf club in whitchurch a few weeks go and he was there.
I now work in road surfacing but maintain my interest in golf and do a little acting from time to time.

My partner Dave and I collect Japanese porcelain curios and matchboxes.

I divide my time between Stevenage, Blackpool, Gibraltar and Horsham.

I no longer gamble but still succumb to the other vices from time to time.

Although people still think of me simply as “Benny”, that was many years ago now.
Paul Henry
I took my son to play football near Redditch...got a bit lost so i stopped to ask for directions....and to my suprise it was Paul Henry, i recognised him straight off...i was very young back in the day of Crossroads but was an avid fan! Anyway, he gave me directions, i said thank you and followed it by Are you who i think you are??? Not sure if he likes to be recognised as he was then quick to walk away....it was nice to meet him anyway!
He is about to play Tony Hancock in a new play Hancock´s Finest Hour which opens in Bury St Edmunds on 28th April. It then goes on tour around the Uk.
Clare Spain
I didn't expect to win the Oscar. You grow up watching the Oscars on TV and you think it happens to fancy people. It was really surreal.
I now live off Gordano Services (J19)
Just created a Site for benny on Facebook
Just seen Paul Henry shopping in morrisons in Gibraltar today, 22nd November 2009, he was with a lady and an older gentleman in a Spanish registered car, i was going to say hello but decided not to bother him.
Shawn Charles
My mate sees him regularly at whitchurch golf club...please note, he doesn't like to be called benny
Just met Paul Henry at Pontypridd Golf Club. He is a lovely person really down to earth. He really enjoyed the Chicken Curry made extra hot especially for him.
Paul has appeared in the local north wales newspapers quite often over the past few years.usually for pantomime ( i think ).
He is living in whitchurch working for a golf company
benny ( paul henry ) was a regular drinker at the cofton country club rednal. i was a friend he also used the dingle social frankley, i have had a few drinks withh him and his best mate was dave wormall who i worked with. he did run a pub in birmingham after crossroads since then i dont know as i have moved back to liverpool and that was 12 years ago if anybody does see him give him my regards.
joe still
We saw Benny (minus his hat) in Inverness walking in the High Street on the weekend of the Loch Ness Marathon Oct 08. Maybe he ran it?
Urban Bumpkin
Spotted staring into the window the "Aroma" chinese buffet resturant in Stevenage (he was with Jim Carver from "The Bill").
The Mower Family
just to add to previous post, here he is http://www.blackpoolgrand.co.uk/shows/1/1321/Run-For-Your-Wife.htm
saw him on Blackpool North Pier last week, apparently he is appearing at the Grand Theatre
Benny (Paul Henry) looked in our office window in Horsham West Sussex yesterday 19/05/08
Miss Jones
13 5 08 saw benny on the pier at llandudno still easy to recognise
Isn't he now playing Minty in Eastenders?
A Non

yes thats right im running a pub in marbella spain, i never got back into tv except for the odd interview on day time telly, benny for me was a meal ticket nothing more and nothing less, the defining moment of my career.

the fame and fourtune it brought me was good and lasted for a few years but i was addicted to gambling and strip clubs, porn videos and prostitutes, my sister owns the pub i just work there, she owns 5 pubs in britain and 3 in spain. i was gutted that benny was brought back in the new crossroads.

paul henry
have just seen Benny this evening, 23/07/06, outise a pub in Whitchurch, Shropshire called the railway. Wicked.
saw him March/April 2006 on Bad Girls, in New Zealand (he was a Bad Boy)
He is now a Car Trader and can be seen frequently at Nottingham/Derby Car Auctions
Paul S
He was on This Morning recently and said he's due to return to TV work very soon.
Tony Wilson
last I heard he was running a pub in Birmingham called The Acrtress & Bishop,that was about 4years ago!.
i saw benny when i was on holiday in spain last february in a car hire shop.
"After his contract with the TV show expired, he did some Panto but it dried up. He has since returned to private life."