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Brian does the commentary and voice over for The Salon on channel 4 (Helen had to do it at one point too)
Brian is no longer on SM:TV but instead has his own show, all be it a bit naff, called brians Boyfriends... Sorta like a one man Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
"Anna (The Lesbien nun) did a business studies video about promotion"
"Helen has a beuty "spot" (No pun intended!) on the "Lorraine Kelly" Show"
"Narinder currently presents "undercover lovers" on Trouble (Cable tv channel)"
"Brian Co-presents SMTV live on saturday mornings "
"Craig now has his own DIY show (ala handy Andy) on cable channel uk Style"
"Saw Brian at the Elspeth Gibson catwalk show London Fashion Week"
"Andy from BB1 stayed at the same hostel as me in Australia last year"
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