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I heard that Amma went back to stripping then became a high class hooker.
lisa the chinese girl is now a plumber, she changed my sink taps today.
floyd wint
Poor Jade Goody Has Cancer. Then again she is still the money-grabbing racist swine she always was selling the story of her troubles to The Star
angel lips
craig phillips lives over the road from me an has 2 massive dogs
Jade Goody had just announced she is pregnant with her third child, her first with Jack Tweed.
Katy Ingram
craig from big bro lives down the road from me i see him all the time driving about
I saw chicken George or something like that in a Walmart in Northern IL
Brian co-hosts some cheesy call-in show really late at night called The Mint. Don't know if he still does but he did a few months ago.
dan (the bald gay one from i think bb3/4) is back doin hairdressing. he has a place down newland avenue in hull. i think he had had his lips done too...
i saw antony out of BB6 in a night club in newcastle called blue bamboo dressed as a women his winnings must have already done lol
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