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Errr.... Who?

From the early series

This is what they are doing now...

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I heard that Amma went back to stripping then became a high class hooker.
lisa the chinese girl is now a plumber, she changed my sink taps today.
floyd wint
Poor Jade Goody Has Cancer. Then again she is still the money-grabbing racist swine she always was selling the story of her troubles to The Star
angel lips
craig phillips lives over the road from me an has 2 massive dogs
Jade Goody had just announced she is pregnant with her third child, her first with Jack Tweed.
Katy Ingram
craig from big bro lives down the road from me i see him all the time driving about
I saw chicken George or something like that in a Walmart in Northern IL
Brian co-hosts some cheesy call-in show really late at night called The Mint. Don't know if he still does but he did a few months ago.
dan (the bald gay one from i think bb3/4) is back doin hairdressing. he has a place down newland avenue in hull. i think he had had his lips done too...
i saw antony out of BB6 in a night club in newcastle called blue bamboo dressed as a women his winnings must have already done lol
I saw the advert too! The guy in it is Jonny Regan, BB3 runner up.
Katy Ingram
jimmy who i think was runner up in bb3 was in a british gas advert..saw it on tv yesterday!
Sada from BB1 served me in the Troubadour in Earl's Court a few years back. I was there tonight though and she wasn't there so I'm guessing (and hoping) she's moved on!
tom from greencastle is married and has a child im his best-friend
big daddy aka ciaran macca
Michelle and Stuart have split up. Maxwell and Saskia from BB6 are still together though!
Katy Ingram
I saw Craig in Tenerife. He wasa really nice sweet guy and i was ment to meet him in a club later that night but i didnt go :(
spencer still gives punting tours of cambridge
Jade Goody is now running her own beauty salon called "Ugly" and is appearing in a fly on the wall documentary about it on Living TV.
Katy Ingram
Helen BB2 works at a beauty salon in Chigwell in essex
Darren Ramsay has trained as a cabin crew member for easyJet. He appeared on ITV1's "Airline" during his training and the programme was shown last night (3 June 2005). He said it was time to "make the transition between TV and Media into the real world"

Nadia Almada from BB5 is cropping up everywhere!

Michelle Bass and Stuart Wilson (BB5) are still together.

Not sure about any of the other BB5 contestants though.

Brian Dowling emerged as the "favourite BB contestant of all time" in an E4 poll, which was also broadcast on Channel 4 for the two nights leading up to the launch of the current series. Nadia Almada was second, with Jade Goody in third place.
Katy Ingram
Kate Lawler is now appearing on "Celebrity Wrestling" under the name "The Brawler". She has recently split up with her boyfriend, after they decided that they didn't see each other enough due to her living in London and him living in Madrid.
Katy Ingram
i think cameron is going out with that bird who pretended to b spanish in bb4! i read it in sum mag...she might of broken him in. NICE!
jess from mighty cornwall
Lee Davey is taking my body combat class in enderby leicester and he is a fantastic instructor
i recently saw some of skinhead nicolas porn pics. she looks like she's been on crack too..
I think Amma is now working at Heathrow Airport
I am dating Federico Martone and his radio show is cumin along very well.
Sophie Pritchard (BB3) hosted RI:SE coverage from Ibiza, hosted Most Haunted Live for ITV1, and worked as a presenter for a year on Gay TV. She later married Lee Davey (BB3), and is currently modelling for Minitry Of Sound records, and hosts entertainment reports for Sky.
I used to work with Stuart Hoskins when he was a salesman. He was very misunderstood, always craving approval but most people interpreted it as shallow, pretentious self obsession. He was a nice guy at heart who tried too hard to be liked. I think the shallow exterior may have consumed him completely now.
Found this in new! magazine. This is the edited version:-

Big Brother 1:-

Craig Phillips presents a programme called "Our House" on UK Style. He lives in Newport with his family.

Anna Nolan is a big TV star in Ireland.

Nick Bateman did a directing course at the BBC last year, and is keen to make wildlife films.

Sada Walkington now works in a London bistro.

Claire Strutton and Tom McDermott moved to Spain with their toddler son Pierce, and ran a property website. They have just split up.

Nichola Holt is now starring in porn films.

Caroline O'Shea now runs a makeover portrait studio in London.

Melanie Hill is dating Alex Sibley from BB3 and is in training to become a barrister.

Darren Ramsey fell into a year long depression, but presented Good Food Live on UK Food.

Andy Davidson is a brand consultant for a development firm.

Big Brother 2 :-

Brian Dowling is "preparing a new project for the summer".

Narinder Kaur auditioned for the musical Bombay Dreams but didn't get in. She lives in Leicester her husband and still visits London to stay with Brian.

Paul Clarke and Helen Adams plan to marry later this year. Paul returned to his job as a car designer, and Helen now runs her own dance classes.

Dean O'Loughlin and Stuart Hoskins have set up an inventions firm called Z List together.

Amma Antwi-Agyei is rumoured to be pole dancing again and thinking about going back to college.

Paul "Bubble" Ferguson is now studying at Guildford drama school and is friends with Rik Waller from Pop Idol 1 (the fat, rude one).

Josh Rafter is signed to two modelling agencies, does charity work, writes for Attitude and Cosmopolitan magazines and runs a gay property firm called Outlet.

Penny Ellis had a brief romance with Nasty Nick.

Elizabeth Woodcock has spent the last few years "dabbling" in journalism and wing walking! Rather her than me!!

Big Brother 3:-

Kate Lawler is dating Newcastle footballer Jonathan Woodgate and co-presents a radio show on Heart FM with Toby Anstis.

Alison Hammond has a semi regular spot on This Morning.

Alex Sibley presented on Nickelodeon and Sky and is dating Melanie from BB1. He is also Star magazine's BB5 correspondent.

Jade Goody plans to open a beauty salon, having retrained as a beautician. She has just split from Jeff Brazier, and is expecting a child in October or November.

Tim Culley emigrated to South Africa where he is a successful banker.

Sophie Pritchard and Lee Davey married last August. Lee now runs a fitness company, and Sophie is a social worker.

Jonny Regan co-presented a radio show on Teeside then turned to panto.

PJ Ellis now works in Law having found out his old job was still open to him.

Spencer Smith works in a Cambridge ski shop, and is rumoured to be working on a fishing show for the Discovery Channel.

Adele Roberts is training to enter more bodybuilding competitions.

Sunita Sharma is now a fully qualified barrister.

Sandy Cumming went back to his old job as a personal shopper in Selfridges, but has changed his name.

Lynne Moncrieff went to Uni to do an MA.

Big Brother 4:-

Cameron Stout is still single, and is busy with TV, radio and Panto appearances.

Nush Nowak is the new! magazine BB5 correspondant. She is recovering from being mugged last year, which left her with a shattered kneecap and thighbone.

Jon Tickle is still working as a data strategy manager, but also presents Sky One science show, Brainiac.

Anouska Golebiewski is dating J-Roc from Big Brovaz and is studying psychology.

Federico Martone presents a radio show in Scotland.

Ray Shah got the lead role in a touring production of the musical The King And I. He will also star in Channel 4 show 4 Go Dating.

Lisa Jeynes had a nose job in 2003. She also kissed and told about Ryan Giggs.

Tania do Nascimento is engaged to West Ham footballer Youssef Sofiane. She does a bit of modelling.

Harjinder Gosal (Gos) is now head chef at a Health Club in West London. Clients of the Health Club include Keira Knightley.

Joanne Rooney (Sissy) has developed a fashion label. If you are in Manchester, look out for the range in the next few months. She is in training for a charity trek in Peru.

Scott Turner is trying to build a writing career, having quit his marketing job.

Steph Smith spent a day in a cell to raise money for charity, and was taking to court over visiting rights to her dog by her ex husband.

And last but not least...

Justine Sellman presents Late Attitude on ITV1 Yorkshire (and does a good job of it too! I'm in Yorkshire and I watch it!). She also presents a show on BBC Radio Leeds.

Wonder what the BB5 lot will be doing this time next year! They went in the house yesterday.

Katy Ingram again
Last I heard, Paul and Helen from BB2 were engaged. Don't know if it's true or not.
Katy Ingram
Brian does the commentary and voice over for The Salon on channel 4 (Helen had to do it at one point too)
Brian is no longer on SM:TV but instead has his own show, all be it a bit naff, called brians Boyfriends... Sorta like a one man Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
"Anna (The Lesbien nun) did a business studies video about promotion"
"Helen has a beuty "spot" (No pun intended!) on the "Lorraine Kelly" Show"
"Narinder currently presents "undercover lovers" on Trouble (Cable tv channel)"
"Brian Co-presents SMTV live on saturday mornings "
"Craig now has his own DIY show (ala handy Andy) on cable channel uk Style"
"Saw Brian at the Elspeth Gibson catwalk show London Fashion Week"
"Andy from BB1 stayed at the same hostel as me in Australia last year"