What Happened To Eric Cantona?

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Errr.... Who?

Ex-Manchester Utd French forward

This is what they are doing now...

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Hes part of the man utd board
Done some weird football adverts for Jogo Bonito, with weird long hair
Lopez Gomez
spotted 24/06/06 lurking round south London looking for a Crystal Palace fan. My mate Shepps told me he came into his boozer. Me for one inclined to believe him, he only stayed for a pint though. oh and a pie.
the badger
Last seen in advert pre Euro 2004
Released a few poetry books, and now has a half arsed acting career.
he is captain of the french beach football team and is still writing crap poems
"He's in the new Nike ad on TV, the one with the remixed elvis soundtrack!"
"He's been acting in a couple of films in France and is turning to film-making now. He also did this Nike Commercial (on the tanker) for the World Cup."
"now is playing a major part in beach football playing for france along with his brother as well as the commercials he has recently done."
"Sounds really ridiculous, but I saw his name roll up the credits in the movie "Queen Elizabeth II""
"He's in the Nike adverts dropping balls onto football players"
"He is playing 5 a side soccer in france and doing tv ads"
Jordan Kelly