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Just heard the news that Jack Klugman died today (Dec 24, 2012). I liked him best in Quincy M.E. and The Odd Couple. Great actor. He'll be missed.
why are people saying jack dead when his not
Hi... I think he still alive because Wikipedia says he is alive. I'm really a fan of Jack especially his role in "12 angry men" and he is the only alive actor among the 12, they are all passed. Please if any one has his address, phone or email of Jack Klugman, please send it to yas_ook@yahoo.com

God bless you all
I don't know when all these blogs were written, from the top I can see that it was recent. JACK KLUGMAN IS NOT DEAD. He has outlived everyone, including his exwife Brett Somers. You can check all of the celebrity's life status at Dead or Alive. Google it. He sured fooled everyone. Who ever said he was dead better check their facts...
Definitely a JK fan
Jack Klugman is performing at the George Street playhouse in New Brunswick,NJ doing the "Sunshine Boys". Oct/Nov 2007
No, Jack Klugman is not dead. He overcame throat cancer quite a while back when he had it; I think it was like the 1990's. If you read his interview in the Reader's Digest for January of this year, you'd know that. He was talking about his close friend that helped pull him through it.
Jack Klugman recently wrote a book and was (withing the past few months) promoting it across the United States. It tells about his friendship with his "Odd Couple" buddy, Tony Randall (who is, unfortunately, deceased).
jack is still alive n well givin support to the throat cancer support groups.... you swines.. how dare u say the man is dead xxx
Just in case anyone is any doubt, unfortunatly Jack died from cancer, of the throat I believe a few years back
bah! quincey isnt dead. thats just nasty
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