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What Happened To Kenan and Kel?

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What Kenan and Kel used to look like

Errr.... Who? Stars of the childrens comedy show

How Kenan and Kel looks now

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I'm glad to know that neither of them is dead. I LOVE THEM BOTH and my family is their biggest fans. OH HOW I HATE RUMORS!
Hi, both Kenan and Kel are fine, Kenan has done some small time movie appreances in the last couple of years, nothing big and Kel has also, both are healthy and doing great still both best of friends and are actually coming up with ideas for new shows/films.
Heard the death thing too but its awesome to hear there both still tickin........HILARIOUS pair
i got told kel was shot last year and died, and kenan is still alive and making films?
OK,Kenan and Kel are not dead just stop making up things xx
i waz told keenan was gay is it true i dont belive it but wanna make sure
ur guys r mostly stupid keenan is not dead thats my uncle and i think i would no
kenan aint dead hes doing a voice in the upcoming movie Space Chimps and kel is the leading role in "See Dick Run".
Type their names into Wikipedia and it will tell u More. KENAN & KEL RULES.
Actually I have been told that Kenan had died this year from a car accident
kenan and kel are not dead ok.kel was in like mike 2 ok he was married. i dont kno if i can make it any clear to ya stupid azz rumors.ok.yes he do got a myspace page he is on my myspace page ok.just go to www.myspace.com\therealkelmitchell ok
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