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What Happened To Kenan and Kel?

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What Kenan and Kel used to look like

Errr.... Who? Stars of the childrens comedy show

How Kenan and Kel looks now

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I'm not dead dudes! GUESS WHO'S BACK? BACK AGAIN!? Kenan's back tell your friends. Guess whos back guess whos back guess whos back guess whos back guess whos back guess whos back!

Love ya'll Kenan!

Keenan waz duh bomb in barbershop 2. Keenan + Kel all time greatest ever show!!!!!!!! Whhyyyyyyyy!!!!!
DATES PEOPLE DATES, you need dates, so what if they were on tv in this and that?

Course they're not dead :S i heard loads of stuff, someone told me that kenen died in a car crash and kel had a fit because of it and died, dont listen to all the shit u hear :P

Neither of them are dead, they are both still alive, but neither have their own show any more. Kel is always an extra in shows, he was a dancer in City Guys, when Jamal and Chris were trying to enter a competition, he was also in Friends.

I am not sure about Kenan, last thing I heard he was relaxing at his home in Florida.

keenan isnt dead! he's at the latymer school as a member of 9 wyatt!!!!
I don\'t think so but i do knoe that they are both alive and hott
Kel was in a music video with kanye west, "all falls down"............. they bag boy.....im sure its him
I think Kenan is going to play Fat Albert in a live action movie they are making
Kenan held a substantial role in Barbershop 2
Kenan is on Saturday Night Live these days & I just saw Kel on a Pepsi commercial.
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