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What Happened To Kenan and Kel?

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I heard that rumour 7 years ago. I thought it was true. I cant belive the rumour spread around the country so fast!!!!!They re not dead
now, i heard KEL died in a car crash.well, it sorta crashes with the earlier posts doesnt it? the one that sed it wus KENAN who got into car aaccident.
they are well still alive kel was signing his new book in london on tueday! kenan though has dies not through a car crash, but of a heart attack, this is all i have heard and dont no if its true?

You guys, i'm desperate here. I'm in search for the movie, "Two heads are better than none". But i found out it's for television only. If any of you had it recorded and are willing to sell it, I will be more than glad to buy it... at a reasonable price. Email me for information. 'TheMarauder_Moony@hotmail.com'(it will be safely sold through a popular, sellers company ...like ebay or Amazon.com.)

Look forward to your email. Just think, all you have to do is have it recorded again.. and someone will pay you money for the copy! ^^

Kel is alive and well! He co-host Dance 360 and he has 2 DVD's out that he produced with Ken Michael (the talented older brother from Parenthood). Get the dvd's. They are beyond funny!
I remember seeing Kel in the video for Busta Rymes' "Pass The Crovoisier". He wears glasses and holds a walking stick in it.
I always get theor names mixed up but the chunkyt one is blowing up doing a Fat Albert movie, did Barbershop 2 and various bit pieces here and there. The skinny one was most recently in a Pepsi commercial with Monique. Haven't seen the skinny one all that much. As he got older he started to look more "ghetto rough", kinda like what white America would call "a typical negro" and I think this made him lose parts. The chunky one has more of a "Theo Huxtable" clean cut look and thereby is more acceptable to white america and the powers that be. I would love to see them together again. Good Burger was funny as hell and we don't have that many African American comedy teams any more.
Big Tymer
Kel has a new dance show starting this fall called dance 360 and his own Kel's video live "Is That The Mitchell's Boy" and "That Face Should be on the tube". Check it out on the net this fall 2004. You can buy the videos now.
kenan and kel rock im soo glad the rumours aren't true i've always watched the show but you've got to love em xxx
after i heard the rumour of them being in a crash and kel dying and kenan being in a coma i saw them both do an interview on nick.
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