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What Happened To Kenan and Kel?

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Yeah, you can find the article on Eonline.com or popdirt.com. Only Kel is dead, not both of them.
for real i dnt belive it the only way i would belive it is if they post it up on the news or on news websites or mtv or something lol ppl can be so gulluble for real ppl b4 u belive something do research cuz it aint true if u dnbt even hear boiut it on tv ok lmao
there's a bulletin going around that kel mitchel died on sunday at his home in LA but the cause is unknown..i'm still not quite sure if its true but i don't think someone would make up a whole big story about him specifically dieing.. so yeah i think it's true
Kel died on july 9 2006in his home in L.A., reason for his death is currently unkown
umm. no hes not. keenan was on wild n out last year but somebody did just post a bulletin that kel just died last week or somethin lol..they're lies tho because there's nothin on the internet about it...do the research people. lol.
They're both still acting. Kel is on TV and Kenan is in the movies. Kel has his own show One on One and Kenan recently dId the movies My Boss' Daughter (2003) and Fat Albert (2004).
As we all know, Kenan is now on Saturday Night Live..but Kel recently passed away in his home. the cause of death has not been determined yet..
i heard kel kimble died sunday night,, is that tru i hope not??
Kel is NOT DEAD!!!
and Kenan is on SNL for all you people who don't watch the greatest show ever.
stop the rumors, and dont repost those dumb myspace bulletins anymore!
Kel Mitchell, otherwise known as Kel Kimble in the hit TV show 'Kenan & Kell' died on Sunday night at his home in LA. The reason for his death is currently unknown.

Kel Mitchell was in other productions after 'Kenan & Kell' such as

The Power of One: The Pokemon 2000 Movie Special Good Burger, which produced many famous quotes including the famously used

"Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger! Can I take your order? "

Kell Mitchell, leaves behind 2 children names Allure and Lyric, and his wife Tyisha Hampton.

Please repost this in a bulletin and show your support for a much loved figure of TV culture. Repost with the title R.I.P. Hopefully Kel will be remembered for his fun, and good nature...

'Who loves orange soda? Kell loves orange soda'


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