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What Happened To Kenan and Kel?

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What Kenan and Kel used to look like

Errr.... Who? Stars of the childrens comedy show

How Kenan and Kel looks now

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you guys are all a bunch of idiots

it says kel "died" on july of 2006...so why are you saying "no he didnt he was in mystery men" umm no shit he would be alive then.. that movie was like 8 years ago

the end.
i just saw the bulletin about kel being dead but honestly i think is just trying to be a shit disturber. im prett sure hes okay.
Noone on this site reads. If ya'll would just read what other people posted, you wouldn't ask the same damn question over and over.

It's a gay little myspace bulliton. Okay. they make one about a star dieing every month. Along with a new 'If you don't repost this you dont love god and will have 98 years of bad luck and will die and your sleep tonight' messages. Grow up people.

If you really want to know go and look it up. No where does it say 'Kel Mitchell died...' anywhere on the internet? No, not yet.
how could he have dided if he is on one on one i dont think that its true because it would have been on BET news or something so ppl need to stop makin stuff up
I think this is all a dumb rumor started on myspace like many others...I have seen the bullatin and it is obviously a fake, If it were true it would be all over the news....and it hasnt...so he is alive, and if alot of people just didnt pay attention to the weird "repost if u care" bullatins, we wouln't have this problem...even I could start a rumor like that, but im not an idiot....Thanks a bunch!
stop all believing your bloody myspace bulletins and do your research. kel is not bloody dead. lol. idiots.
Stop reading myspace bulletins people who post them have no life!!!! He isnt dead.. if he was it would be on the news...google....this is a rumor. If he was dead would be on cnn or some sh*t!!!! he was famous!!!
Jordan Fuller
Most of the time if someone famous dies,it's ALL over the news.So people,turn on your new's and there is NO news reporter saying the Kel or Kenan has died!
stop it he isn't dead did anyone see it on the news i mean come on someone was just bored and started this he isn't dead so stop it if he was died it would have been said or nick would have a marothone of 'Kenan & Kel' in his honor so stop lieing and whoever started this u r a sick sick person
people keep pulling up stuff about wikipedia saying he's not dead and stuff about IMDB and his movies and tv shows and such.

wikipedia said that A.dance 360 was cancelled B.he's not dead

if he died on july 9, who knows how long that could have been there? also wikipedia is mostly an input website, people submit information to them so what you read is just what some other person knows.

IMDB currently has him listed for 2 upcoming movies which are currently in post production...post production means they're tying clips together and such...Kel wouldn't be needed for post production...

basically it's up in the air right now, but don't believe anything until you hear it on the news.
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