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What Happened To Kenan and Kel?

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What Kenan and Kel used to look like

Errr.... Who? Stars of the childrens comedy show

How Kenan and Kel looks now

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im from new york.
i literally JUST SAW KEL in a kfc (kentucky fried chicken) commercial.
he was wearing a red shirt and a hat.
i know it was him?
why would they air it if he was dead?
i hope he's alive, i need to know the absolute truth.
i really loved him, he was soo funny.
i got the same bullentin about kel dying first i thought it was a lie but i thnk its true. only one website says he died july 15th 2006. and thats www.wikipedia.org tell u that he died but they don't say how. and it to early t hear sob stories by their realitves.
concerned and confused
I just aim a few friends and they just heard the same thing

i liked the movie good buger and still til this day, i thought there was something wrong with him its not until my highschool years that i heard he did drugs and within my last aim i found out that he took a over dose of drugs and thats the resason of his death but so any ways this is all that i heard so far and this message was posted on the 17 of july 2006
just because kel had his own showe doesnt mean hes alound to die. it not like its gunna stop him. its just gunna happen!!
is this just a dumb myspace rumor? i wanna kno!
I heard the same thng everone eles heard by myspace i don't no if it's true and yall don't no if kel died or not .basicly everyone is saying what movies he did he did them a while ago why are yall bringing it up cause it don't make since if he died yesterday how would we no unless he was on tv this morning or afternoon
i was on this website and it said he is a movie that's coming out in 2007 and at the end of 06 but there being filmed if it's true it would probably be on the news but i don't no if it's true or not hopefully not!
kels not dead.
According to Wikipedia, he died the 15th of July, in Chicago... but that bulletin says he died the 9th of July, in LA.

Everywhere else (like Google, MSN, People, Teen People etc etc) have nothing about him dying. And I'm sure Kel is too famous to not have any news on his death. So until I find anything different, I'm guessing its just a rumor.

And by the way, everyone knows that Kenan isn't dead, get over it people.
yeah .. i dont think it is true i JUST read the bulliten & if it was true it would be on the news or mtv a whileeeeee ago hu ever made that up is a dumbass especially since theres no proof so far
From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kel_Mitchell Kel Johari Rice Mitchell , an African American actor (born August 25, 1978 in Chicago, Illinois; dead July 15, 2006,

Now i visited this earlier today and it said that there were rumors of his death and they were not true but then i go back and it says he is dead so i guess its true.
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