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What Happened To Kenan and Kel?

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What Kenan and Kel used to look like

Errr.... Who? Stars of the childrens comedy show

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whoeva iz sayin that kel died need to stop cuz dat dude was just on the dance show on tv n he is the host. IF i see him on tv im gone prove all yall wrong by taping it and putting it on the web. So, STOP SAYING RUMORS ABOUT HIM!
the person who wrote it
okay dudes and dudets..kel mitchell is so not dead wow i looked him up on the interent and there is nothing that says he is dead or dying sooo its just another one of those stupid hollywood rumors
umm...hes not dead. its a myth.

..::] -KLoWNKiLLeR- [::..
I can't believe people are actually this dumb......First of all even if he died RECENTLY than the movies mystery men, good burger, my boss's daughter were all made YEARS AGO. Hold on key words here YEARS AGO. So...............you're all dumb. Let me ask you something... did you vote for bush? Because seeing how dumb and pathetic you people are i bet you did. OOOOOOOHH DIS!
u r gay
Wow you guys are dumb. Get jobs. Kel probabley isn't dead. And if you think keenan is dead your dumb as hell. Also, the post started on MYSPACE!!! Who believes anything on myspace anymore anyway
I hate you.
there is absoloutely NOTHING on the internet about it besides that stupid myspace bulletin going around. Hes not dead! dont believe everything you read on myspace people! Gosh. hes hosting a new T.V. show and is in a new movie about to come out. So stop believing those myspace crap and RESEARCH PEOPLE RESEARCH!
Ok. So I just got the whole weird bulliten about Kel Kimble AKA Kel Mitchell being dead. This is SO stupid. Honestly who has all the time in the world and is bored enough to make something up like that about someone?? He IS NOT DEAD!! It WOULD be in the news or somewhere on the internet as much as it is about him "Questionably Dead" and quite frankly it's now the 18th of July, I THINK that they would know why he died by now...don't you?? YA! He isnt dead...i don't believe it.
And for whoever the hell posted that up in the first place...YOU need to get a life along with the people who post crap up like "If you don't repost this a ghost is gunna rape your dog" and crazy ass shit like that.....Get a job...or read a book...or go jack off...I'm sure that there is SOMETHING else in the world for you to do...
Kel is not dead... some assholes on myspace said that he was so now the whole world thinks he is... myspace is the new abercrombie... sh*tty, comformist, and above all stupid as sh*t...
The Truth...
Kel's show Dance 360 was cancelled.
i dont think the rumors are true...if he was dead i think there would be more info about it besides a bulliton posted on myspace...and there isnt...soooo until there is actual news or police evidence i dont think this is true...and whoever thought of it is a twisted person
<3s taylor
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