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What Happened To Kenan and Kel?

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What Kenan and Kel used to look like

Errr.... Who? Stars of the childrens comedy show

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Kel did NOT die because I seen Kenan and Kel on sister sister like 1 month ago. Soooo you who said Kel died you BETTER get your story strite. Kenan and Kel if you seee this I love you guys and I am your BIGGEST fan.....love ya
kel can't be dead. please do another season of kenan and kel i am a huge huge huge fan i love them so pleasssse do another season.
hello my name is chris hargin and if kenan and kel are alive i do hope that in the future u would bring new shows out please please say them two ledgends are not dead because ive watched your show wen i was about 5 and im 12 now...7 years ov kenan and kel...hope it dont change..:(

p.s if you both are alive i hope u bring out a kenan and kel the movie that would be great:)::)(if you 2 are dead RIP)
thanx CHRIS
chris hargin
Once I saw Kel in nicklodeon studios acting on tv but he did new episods 2 months ago so he is alive so if you have Sky Digital Box or Sky+

go on 604 at 9:00-PM (UK TIME)or if you miss it
go on 605 at 10:00-PM (UK TIME)

The channel name is nickoldeon i watch it all the time and it says at the end,

Kenan & Kel was peformed in a live studio in universile, florida Blah, Blah, Blah,

Then all of a sudden that sign ^ above ^ had just been stop being said, could it be true or a rumor of Kel's Death

:) Kenan - ALIVE
:) Kyra - ALIVE
:( Kel - UKNOWN
:) Chris - ALIVE
:) Kenan Dad - ALIVE
:) Kenan Mom - ALIVE

geeks Kel ain't Dead I have seen him on Tv shows recently. He was on Half and Half as a guest apperence and on One on One you BIG plebs
hey folks ahm 14 n in 3rd year at skool n got told today kel died in a car crash i cudnt believe what i was hearing .so is he reeli dead or is it just a rumour.

"who loves orange soda?"
"kel loves orange soda"
lol that show is difernt class

rip kel if u r dead which i hope not
27-year-old actor Kel Mitchell, popularly known for his work on Nickelodeon's comedy/variety show All That and his portrayal of Kel Kimble on the 1996-2000 Nickelodeon series Kenan & Kel, was said to have died of "unknown causes" during the night on 9 July 2006.

However, several days after the young actor's putative death, nary a mention of his supposed passing has appeared in any news outlets, and (similar to the case of another Nickelodeon star, Blue's Clues host Steve Burns) unfounded rumors about the demise of Kel Mitchell (and his Kenan & Kel co-star, Kenan Thompson) have been circulated before.

It appears safe to chalk this one up as yet another Internet-spread celebrity death hoax.

Agh! Don't ask again!

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why are some people so gullible? Yes im suuuuuure that Kel really typed a response to you guys...pfffffffft1
i just saw kel at the LOFT at hollywood last 9.08.06 and i said hi to him and he comfirmed he's kel...unless i can see dead people...LOL
Kenan and kel are not dead isaw them two weeks ago and got thier hats
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