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What Happened To Kenan and Kel?

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What Kenan and Kel used to look like

Errr.... Who? Stars of the childrens comedy show

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Woo Hoo they're not dead, there are new episodes coming out soon on july 15th
i don't understand why you people are even still arguing about this!!! do non of you own a t.v? jesus christ, all you have to do is watch SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and you will c for yourselves KENAN THOMPSON IS ALIVE!!!!!!
i went to new york a few days ago and saw kenan and kel.. the were gnnah cross the road and then they pointed towards the hard rock cafe .. an i have to photos too !! :\ http://images-000.cdn.piczo.com/i101/view/3/h/l/n/x/0/x/w/e/j/7/t/img/i252471238_68194_5.jpg
ok this is stupid i sent a realllllyyy loong comment and it never even got accepted anyways KENAN AND KEL ARE NOT DEAD AND NEITHER IS ZAC EFRON thought i'd just add that:p anyways ill like to confirm this buy saying that if you go onto lyk an actual site not 1 made up by someone not really clever but whatever it called a professional site or whatever can't think of the word but then you can see that kel is int he middle of making a movie not made it years ago but is currently making it and if you are clever enough to write a comment then you can easily find this out o and secondly its kenAn not kenEn whoever said that probably hasn't ever seen the show once in their life gosh anyways can't be arsed to write anymore luv u kelll please make lyk a sequel or something;'( xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
OKAY ppl....to start off it is KENAN not 'kenEn'...to the person down there sumwer.....andddd im gessing that neither are dead as they've both been in recent movies..and also no1 seems to know how they died..if they werre dead then i think ppl wud know how it happnd....n if that is the real kel down there I LOVE U SOOOO MUCH :D plzzzzzz do sumin with kenan agen i loved ur show soooooo much it was the best ever...who loves oragne sodaaa :P x x x
they didn't die...
Kenan is on Saturday Night Live
& Kel just filmed a movie
so all those stupid rumors aren't true
i heard they died in a car crash but i dont really think they did
Look They Are Not Dead...
Kenan Was Just On the Kids Choice Awards
And Kel Was in Like Mike 2
So Shut up People
But i really Do Hope They Do Another Kenan And Kel..
I Love Those Guys
Mostly Kel Hes Really Funny x
I GOT KKEELLSS!!! real myspace
Apparently kenan and kel are coming back for 2007, my not be true but it is well rumored
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