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What Happened To Kenan and Kel?

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Im Not Dead And Stop Making Things Up About Me And Kel Thank You
Everybody. Kenan did NOT die. I think kel did. just bcuz they were in a movie not that long ago, doesnt mean that he cant die. things happen in life lol.
i love kenan and kel make some more series kel mitchel i can i have your email plezzzzzzzzzzzz so i can talk to you and phone nick up plezzzzzzzzzzzz thay are not putting them on anny more so plezzzzzzzzzzz kel mitchel nick who love orrange soda kel love orrange soda is it true mhuuuu i do i do i do idooooooooo
ryan urch
I am not dead!I am alive so is Kenan I am still filming
kel mitchell
Well i must say i love kenan and kel. they are brilliant and they always make me laugh. they are totally crazy and whoever doesnt like then, has a serious problem!!!!!

Let me start by saying a big YYAAWWNN!!! i cant believe i have just spent the last 10 mins reading that load of tripe that you have all just written. you are all a bunch of mugs. As it is painfully obvious that sum of you are full of s**t wiv all this "ive known them since i was born and at their house yesterday" crap! r you really that bored that you blatently have to lie?! lol and anybody can see a big fat guy wiv a little skinny guy selling burgers and then say they saw kenan and kel.

p.s heres something i bet you never knew.... Kel doesnt even like orange soda!!!
Love to all you state side mothers over the pond.

undercover mothers
just found an R.I.P SITE on kel's death which it also says...status "FALSE"

the site is www.snopes.com/radiotv/tv/kelmitchell.asp

check it out and see what you think.

jessy also when i was lookin at what you put bout him being on the film "1 on 1" it was filmed before january 2006. which on the site above it says he died 9th of july, which it could of been possible.

Jessy (sorry bout this) but its not snakes in a plane, its snakes on a plane.
i heard that he was dead, but didnt believe it as he is also on "like mike, streetball" they both seem to be doing great. i heard 2 that they was bring new episodes out, hopefully that is true as..i love kenan and kel so much, but the old episodes are repeating to much and getting quite boring.
i was wiv ma m8 lora at skool wen she told me kel was dead nd i was well gutted... so i came on internet 2 find out bwt it.. nd hes alive :) well happy now ... i LOVE kel... he's amazin nd really funny "WHO PUT THE SCREW IN THE TUNA?" lol lora ...byee
they are not dead kel is on 1 on 1 and kenan was on snake in a plane so relax yeah cool see ya and yes apperently new episodes are coming out in the summer.
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