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What Happened To Kenan and Kel?

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What Kenan and Kel used to look like

Errr.... Who? Stars of the childrens comedy show

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look poeple they r alive y would dey b ded come on stop hearin dose rumors cuz they r not true and if u think theyre true then ur guluble it means u believe EVRTHIN u hear
all my friends have told me that kenen died in a car crash so i looked it up on the interent. i found loads of things he is going to be in this year. but everyone has told me he is dead. i dont know wat to beleive. I hope he is alive and well. If anyone knows anything about it plz let us kno lol thankz
Holy $#!t I just saw like 4 comments from Kel Johari Rice Mitchell AKA Kel Kimble.And I saw 1 comment from Kenan Thompson AKA Kenan Rockmore.I wish they would reunite.Anywho if you have DirecTV Kenan & Kel COMES on theN at channel 303.Whhhyyyy! Don't they reunite Yeah that was a shoutout to your catchphrase Kenan.Awww here I go Kenan & Kel and K+K fans.Yes that was a shoutout to your catchphrase Kel.Who loves Orange Soda? Kel loves Orange Soda.Is it true?I do I do I do I do oh.P.S. Kenan,Kel and Coolio your lyrics are still rockin'.
Look everyone in this website who has info. So like if they were dead then im upset and if they were alive then im happy but give them a break. im not trying to be mean to anybody but guess what i use to watch that show and i loved it. BUT stop spreading that isnt true. I dont really think there dead but they could be. BUT GUESS What i love them they are cool this is for if they are dead R.I.P. im not beging mean but im just speaking out. NoT info really.
punk girl
dont ya have a tv hes on one on one
Guys, just go to imdb.com, search Kenan & Kel, click on Kenan and Kel's names, and see what movies or T.V. shows they are going to appear on soon. It has all the information you need, from death dates (which Kenan or Kel do NOT have) to regular everyday information. You're welcome!! ;}
Saucy Monky fan
What is the truth>>>???
Us in England are clueless as to whether or not hes alive!!! there are sooo many rumours!!! I love kel
chimpy n carla
They are alive kenan is in snl and Kel is in movies right now and you all sound retarded and stop saying like every other word you all are losers.
i like kenan and kel. but pepole say that kel died in a car crash is it true becoz i love kenan an kel show respect
OMG use lot cant spell kenan has an (A)in it check it out iv seen ever episode of (KENAN AND KEL)and they are both alive so stop talking (CRAP)
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