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What Happened To Kenan and Kel?

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What Kenan and Kel used to look like

Errr.... Who? Stars of the childrens comedy show

How Kenan and Kel looks now

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kel did not die FYI. someone made that info up.
they r still alive check on wikipedia, it also has links of them
Listen guys Kel isnt dead theres a photo of him in late 2007. I saw it somewhere, he's got a beard but hes not that old...
Are kenan and kel still friends
hey i think kenan and kel should start up agen it was so funny watching them that was the good old days
kenan is still alive hes on saturday night live
actually kel was in a car crash a few years ago and now kenan and kel has stoped viewing exsept the really old ones kel will be remembered as a funny dude who liked orange soda bye!xxx
First of all I don't know what happened to neither one of them Kenan or Kel but its really sad if one of them really did die because I heard one of them got into a car crash and some other things, but if they both are still alive they should put up a video telling every one where they've been and what they have been doing for the past dam years and months going by along with all these annoying and dam confusing roomers.(And I'm Dead serious).
I wondered what happened. I want to know where they live right now! I have to meet them right now. I really love them as good friends. Please reply to my message and give you me your fan mail and your personal email. I want your password so I can login and see how many people emailed you. I also wondered do you have a family. Are oyu married. Is Kel married? I hope so. I hope that you would be good fathers. I want to see you guys in the future. Let me know when you are coming. I will be right there. You will see a very familiar face. Bye.
Kobina Nyarku
hey kanan and kel i don't think you'll dead because i like your show alot and know what i think i watch lots of you'll shows.But you'll look like those boys on No-no See us and coming from the them from, one of the them from good burger but you'll have a new show thats great i don't seen to hate it it was AWESOME.
areyon pye
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