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What Happened To Mountain Dew?

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I drank the old MD and I drink the new. But the more I think about it, the more I know that something changed. According to records the original formula was made in '58 and changed to corn syrup in 2015.
In a year will be the 60th anniversary of when the formula was changed. I want you to to join me on January 1st of 2018 by drinking a can, cup, glass or any other container filled with Mountain Dew!
Evan Kaplan
Humm Today June 3rd 2017 .. Im in the UK and have been a huge fan Of Mountain Dew .. Untill possibly today .. Many gallons per year have i drunk since i stumbled across this product .. It has become my go to drink on any long journey and on very hot days ( ok in the uk hot days are not that often ) but MD always revived me physically and mentally untill today ... 400 mile journey i purchased 6 bottles of MD from the first garage packed them into my ice box ... looking forward to hitting them it was a swealtering day and 45 mins after kick off i grabbed my first bottle ... erm from the first slug i realised something was amiss ... and had to exit the motorway ... parked sniffed the drink it smelt weak infact it nearly had no smell at all ... i opened another one it was exactly the same so was the third one .... i drove several more miles and pulled into another service station .... this one only sold cans of MD so i purchased just 1 at the start walked outside popped thye ring ........... and yippee slugged the entire can down in one huge gulp .. it was great ... ran back into the shop and purchased his entire stock .. Sadly only 14 cans but i knew that would complete this journey .. i have checked since journeys end bottles date october 17 ... can july 17 ... i am preying the bottles contense was just a bad batch if not sadly i wont be purchasing any more and at moment i dont know what i replace MD with ...
I miss Mtn dew distortion it was one of the flavors that came out with voltage and white out. it was some sort of contest where you could vote for your favorite and they would produce a whole other line, voltage and white out made the cut apparently distortion did not :( i wish they would do a throw back of it so i could at least stock up on some it was soo fraking good!
I need Diet Mtn Dew while I am in Dublin!!!!!
Will be at the 2015 Irish Open Swim Championships at the National Aquatic Centre in Dublin..
Any place close sell it??
Mary Elizabeth
The mountain dew they sell here in the uk is crap, tastes nothing like it does in the US, and now you can't import the proper stuff because it's bad for us apparently.
It should be my choice if i want to drink it not someone elses
Cant see what all the fuss was about re this drink. tried it and found it the worst tasting drink iv evr had. I wouldnt recomnd it as a drink 2 any1
mark skelmersdale
Look up BVO (brominate vegetable oil). Banned in quite a few countries. Wish they would ban here in U.S.A.
Done with Dew
i know the mountain dew sold by greenpod is not the right stuff tastes different to american stuff, they say you cant get american stuff is that right? and if i can where can i buy it from? any where is scotland does anyone know? as would love the right stuff. thanks.
I can walk into any corner store to buy a Mountain Dew, but what sucks is I can't do that if I am looking for the throwback, made with sugar cane.
Christine USA
I get mountain dew in the UK from www.americangoodies.co.uk I'd advise trying the white out and code red ones they sell, simply delicious!! Keeps me awake in my legislation and ethics lectures haha
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