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Errr.... Who?

Yellow fizzy drink

Remind me what they look like...

Now they look like this...
How Mountain Dew looks now

This is what they are doing now...

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I drank the old MD and I drink the new. But the more I think about it, the more I know that something changed. According to records the original formula was made in '58 and changed to corn syrup in 2015.
In a year will be the 60th anniversary of when the formula was changed. I want you to to join me on January 1st of 2018 by drinking a can, cup, glass or any other container filled with Mountain Dew!
Evan Kaplan
Humm Today June 3rd 2017 .. Im in the UK and have been a huge fan Of Mountain Dew .. Untill possibly today .. Many gallons per year have i drunk since i stumbled across this product .. It has become my go to drink on any long journey and on very hot days ( ok in the uk hot days are not that often ) but MD always revived me physically and mentally untill today ... 400 mile journey i purchased 6 bottles of MD from the first garage packed them into my ice box ... looking forward to hitting them it was a swealtering day and 45 mins after kick off i grabbed my first bottle ... erm from the first slug i realised something was amiss ... and had to exit the motorway ... parked sniffed the drink it smelt weak infact it nearly had no smell at all ... i opened another one it was exactly the same so was the third one .... i drove several more miles and pulled into another service station .... this one only sold cans of MD so i purchased just 1 at the start walked outside popped thye ring ........... and yippee slugged the entire can down in one huge gulp .. it was great ... ran back into the shop and purchased his entire stock .. Sadly only 14 cans but i knew that would complete this journey .. i have checked since journeys end bottles date october 17 ... can july 17 ... i am preying the bottles contense was just a bad batch if not sadly i wont be purchasing any more and at moment i dont know what i replace MD with ...
I miss Mtn dew distortion it was one of the flavors that came out with voltage and white out. it was some sort of contest where you could vote for your favorite and they would produce a whole other line, voltage and white out made the cut apparently distortion did not :( i wish they would do a throw back of it so i could at least stock up on some it was soo fraking good!
I need Diet Mtn Dew while I am in Dublin!!!!!
Will be at the 2015 Irish Open Swim Championships at the National Aquatic Centre in Dublin..
Any place close sell it??
Mary Elizabeth
The mountain dew they sell here in the uk is crap, tastes nothing like it does in the US, and now you can't import the proper stuff because it's bad for us apparently.
It should be my choice if i want to drink it not someone elses
Cant see what all the fuss was about re this drink. tried it and found it the worst tasting drink iv evr had. I wouldnt recomnd it as a drink 2 any1
mark skelmersdale
Look up BVO (brominate vegetable oil). Banned in quite a few countries. Wish they would ban here in U.S.A.
Done with Dew
i know the mountain dew sold by greenpod is not the right stuff tastes different to american stuff, they say you cant get american stuff is that right? and if i can where can i buy it from? any where is scotland does anyone know? as would love the right stuff. thanks.
I can walk into any corner store to buy a Mountain Dew, but what sucks is I can't do that if I am looking for the throwback, made with sugar cane.
Christine USA
I get mountain dew in the UK from www.americangoodies.co.uk I'd advise trying the white out and code red ones they sell, simply delicious!! Keeps me awake in my legislation and ethics lectures haha
Mountain Dew at Sugacane Chelmsford
adam johnston
they sell the good drink of mountain dew in lincolnshire at some corner shops and the old mountain dew is sold at the golden leaf lincoln
however we cant get all the different flavours unlike america
man i wish i was there right now
sam taylor
I normally buy it at Yankee Soda in Belfast, its pretty cheap there.
U CAN get it in the akram indian shop in southsea all differnt kinds,, that and root beer.
You can buy mountain dew in Hondo's Supermarket in China Town, Liverpool.

0.65 a can and 0.95 a bottle.
I just bought 10 cans.
Antony Bailey
London Garrick street place called Cyber Candy sell mountain dew have a website too
Shin Nakamura
yip, Paisley baguette express deffo sells the real original mountain dew, they have cans and 500ml bottles, havent seen the 2ltr ones as of yet but will deffo keep my eyes peeled for them next time im in
you can get mountain dew- the proper stuff not the rubbish energy one- from baugette express (take away shops). My local shop (paisley) sells it in cans, 500ml bottles and 2l bottles
Mountain dew can be found in the UK in the following places, webshites greenpod.co.uk, cybercandy.co.uk, cybercandy have stores in London ( near covent garden) , Brighton and Birmingham. Cybercandy also have all the dew favours and specialize in foreign sugary goods like jalapeno favoured jelly beans and what not. Now to run around in circles for a bit to get rid of my sugar buzz
"Anywhere" in the UK..? Did any of you mention or think of Scotland, Wales or Ireland? London and Leeds isn't "all of UK" .-.
code blue??? someone please tell me they remember it? or know where to get it! it came out with code red.
hi, I worked into a shop at the underground station charing cross directly facing the northern line exit 9 the same exit to covent garden and i discovered they sell moutain dew both cans and bottles at an amazing price their can sells at 89p while their bottle under 3
It's back in the UK!
You can buy Mountain Dew at a new gourmet hot dog place in Leeds:
Nick Julian
i believe the reason it is banned in europe is due to the fact that it contains a chemical called ETDA which while preventing the formation of carcinogenic byproducts in the soft drink is itself toxic.
Here in Michigan its very popular! We have regular Dew,Code Red, LiveWire, Pitch Black, Ultra Violet, and Game Fuel. At our local BP gas station you can buy in bulk for a cheap price! Just ordered 50 cases (24 packs) last week!
Brighton, UK Cyber Candy
or Taj!
I love mountain dew... and anyone that lives near lakeside shopping centre (thurrock) they sell it in a shop called sweets from heaven.. its 1.50 a can i believe. thats where i always go to get the best drink ever!
london guy here mountain dew is coming back to the uk so dont panic but will see 7 up leave and sierra mist coming in aswell
The rumor that Yellow No. 5 used in Mountain Dew reduces sperm count is an urban legend. If there was any danger of your sperm count being reduced they would replace it with some other safer dye.

Let's not be stupid now...
wow, i've been reading some of these posts, and i can't believe it! apparently canadian sodas can only contain caffeine if they're dark-colored? and they don't even have mountain dew in the uk because of food coloring?? wowww, we put food coloring and dyes in almost everything. not saying that's a good thing, but we still don't ban it just cuz it's bad for us.

the way i see it, it's your choice if you want to eat/drink things that are possibly bad for you. i mean, if it's done in moderation, then what's the harm?
this is strange.
I LOVE MOUNTAIN DEW!!! it is so f**king good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i could drink it all day if i could!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kasey lyn
in finland you can get 0.5l, 1l, and 1.5l bottles of dew and various sizes in cans
yeah, it sounds like this is the kind of hyped up shite, that only a London nob head would drink. Thats where you'll find it , next to the charity shop that has a bently parked outside. F**kin stinks london, the only world capital that has more bloody foreigners in residence than its natives.
you can't get it in Fazakerley.
What is it anyway, sounds like piss and caffeine.....
try ebay for m dew. cheapest youll find
lenny coco
Those wanting Mountain Dew in the North West of England, they sell it at a shop in Chester. It's in a shopping centre that sells American stuff- chocolate, sweets etc. It's a bit pricey at 1.40 a can, so I'd recommend www.americansoda.com Much cheaper- especially in bulk.
Al from Preston
Mountain Dew is widely available in both the US and Australia...i think its just europe that's got the restrictions on it...its widely available in a lota asian countries too...
Ace from queens in melbourne
www.americansoda.com and www.americansweets.co.uk sell mountain dew to the UK. I live in Wigan and get my dew from them.
Hi im Alin Romanian from Skelmersdale in Lancashire near Wigan , England i just wana know where can i find Mountain Dew in West Lancashire because nobody knows about it its my favorite drink love it well they have Mountain Dew in Romania everywhere even in villages & in england nowhere help!!! I NEED MOINTAIN DEW love alin x www.lgbt.uni.cc
Alin Campan
omg come to australia if you want mountain dew they are at orporto which is EVERYWHERE also go to iga and get 1.25 litres of it!!! go aussi
There is a shop in Glasgow and one in Aberdeen that selld mountain dew, I'm also pretty sure I've got some in China Town in London before.
ive recently found Mountain Dew for sale in a shop in Melbourne, near derby in England, i think its called darkcat systems, mainly a pc shop but selling other hacker stuff too. not too expensive either! they got Bawls too!!!!!!!! WOO! SUGAR RUSH HERE I COME!!!!!!!!
how do i get hold of mountain dew if i live in the UK?
If anyone needs any original Mountain Dew, let me know. I can send it for a small fee. It is widely available in the good old USA. I know that Europe has stricter laws concerning ingestible products and maybe it is the yellow #5, which gives Mt dew its distinct shade, that is not allowed in Europe. I could do a bit of research, as I work in an industry that deals with all of the restrictions in the European Community and would just need to type a few words into our database at work.
"Plain old Mountain Dew" in the US is the energy kind. Mountain Dew has always been caffeinated in (most of) the USA. Dew Fuel is marketed as a "natural health product" in Canada to circumvent Health Canada's laws about caffeine in soft drinks. As far as I can see, it has essentially replaced the caffeine free Canadian Mountain Dew, I'd assume that they had to change the name to comply with health Canada's regulations (as Mountain Dew is already a brand of "soft drink").
Mountain Dew is available in every state in Australia.
Dj Mr T
I live in New Brunswick Canada and they only sell Mountain Dew Fuel, which is Mountain Dew with a crap load of caffeine and stuff in it. In Maine, USA though you can still get just plain old regular Mountain Dew, and you can also get all the other different flavors. But in Canada, or at least in N.B they took out all the regular and replaced with the energy kind.
Canadian Chicky
its also sold in some places in poland... what i hate is that i could go into a polish "tesco" and get some... but back home in my local "tesco" i can not... (remember tesco is a british company) i am shoked and appaled that i can not get my fav drink ANYWHERE in the uk... please please please if u find some in london... TELL ME WERE!!!! or else custams will pick me up for ileagal imports of 100L of the stuff...
Joe Lee
it doesnt exist in new mexico
There's a new Mountain Dew energy drink coming out. this energy drink craze is driving me insane.
When i was on holiday in spain july 2004 i purchased a shed load of the stuff it was in a purple can from a supermarket called massymass it was nice but definetly a chemical brew,i had never herd of it before but my mate said it was around in the u.k in the late ninties.
William the bloody
I used to live in America a LONG time ago (10 years) and then i moved over to Ireland. Simple things.

1: Mountain Dew is tasty
2: Mountain Dew not sold in Ireland (And if it is...will someone tell me where?)
3: Apparently contains someting called Yellow 5 or something. Colouring. Apparently kills sperm cells. In which case, you can keep your tasty mountain dew.
4: Due to lack of sperm cells, works as an excellent contraception technique. Must consume enough to drown a small island.

In the US they have Code Red (cherry), Live Wire (orange), and Pitch Black (grape).
the blue stuff is called baja breeze
It got banned in the UK because of the more stringent laws as to what foods can contain, and Mountain Dew had far to many E numbers (strange additives which f*** with your digestive system) in it. Thats supposedly the reason although i think it just wasn't selling well in the UK!
It featured in the simpsons when homer goes to new york to get his car back. (barney had left it there whilst drunk...) The car is right between the twin towers (the episode was pre-9/11) and has a wheel clamp plus shitloads of parking tickets. He has to wait at the car for the guy to turn up and take the clamp of.. After eating loads of kebabs (STICK, STICK!)he asks for something to wash it down and is offered Mountain Dew or Crab juice. His response... UCK Mountain DEW... I'll have the Crab juice! Just a little dig from the creators of the simpsons at mountain dew. Incedently you can buy it in england but only really in London. Can't imagine why anyone here would choose to live outside the capital though...
James in London
They sell it in canada still...so i dunno wat u ppl r talkin about and theres a bunch of flavors
I'm drinking one as we speak...........?

you could get that from just about everywhere where I live...

Linda a
Canadian mountain dew is different from american because it doesn't contain caffine

P.S. Canadian laws state that the drink must be of dark color like coke or pepsi if it is to contain caffine. because clear drinks create the illusion of being caffine free

Its called Mt Dew Blue Shock.Its a slushy at some convenience stores.I should know I work for them.
I have that Blue. Mt. Dew, I bought it over at 7/11.. :S
Mountain Dew is huge. It's made by Pepsi Co. A new grape flavor, Pitch Black, came out last summer.
They have blue mountain dew, but its only at Taco Bell, no where else. It's called Baja Blast or something like that.
You can buy it from Pinto's Delicatessen in the west end of Glasgow.
A friend of mine went to Taco Bell in Farmingville (Long Island, New York) yesterday (7-25-04) and they have a limited edition Blue Mountain Dew in the fountain machine. I am going to go and check it out this week.
I have seen a blue mountain dew. I think the flavor was actually called mountain blue or something. I saw it a couple years ago in Colorado. And I'm not sure where all you guys are from but it's definitely still pretty big in the states.
moutin dew is still big in the states and its not like it was that long ago that it was popular... and im pretty sure there is no blue mountin dew red and orange yes but no blue
It's everywhere in Australia. I have sum in my fridge now. It's good stuff.
It's sold here in Australia, my boyfriend thinks it's the best thing. I don't think anyone else drinks it though! His name is Drew, so he calls it Mountain Drew. Very cute.
There is no such thing as Mountain Dew "Code Blue".
Still sold and consumed in vast quantities in the US. If you're on the Atkins diet...stay away from it. It has OODLES of carbs.

But, if you're drinking Mt. Dew... you're not worried about carbs. You want caffeine and taste. It's still got both.

Damn Good Stuff!
don't forget the orange kind...it's pretty good, but I wish that they had it in diet
aussies still have it, u can get it at kfc
"We still have it in North America"
"Last seen on US Survivor as a refreshing drink offered to the contestants as part of reward challenges.

PS. US Survivor 10 times better than UK version."

"It's still around...do you guys not get it over there?"
"sitting in my fridge right now. did you know it's still a soft drink (omg!)"
"Well, mountain dew is still huge, at least here in america. we even have new flavors now: code red, which is a cherry flavor, and code blue, which is various berries."
woe kitten
"Still sold in the US, i never knew they sold it here though"