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Errr.... Who? White Rapper - sang 'Ice Ice Baby'

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he just done a single with john and edward re bringed out ice ice baby with a mix version buy it now in all good record stores or on itunes lol
julie e
Saw the Iceman perform at Butlins, Minehead May 07,legend. Went through his hits with, i must say quite a lot of passion for someone who at one point of the evening was dancing with 4 randoms dressed as the Ninja Turtles. Quite simply a magical night.
The Badger
Vanilla ice is as funny as fuck!
Go icey go icey
rap it baby!
gotta have a come back -
MC chainsaw is a man of the wet cloth now so who else we got to have a laugh at c'mon
go icey
go icey!
yeah baby!
The Ronster
I do remember reading that he had a bike shop in florida at one time
Vanilla Ice may have sold more records than me, but that's only cause people with no taste bought his music when it was "fashionable". He' hardly been hot in the last 20 years and he is complete drivel.

To add to this, I doubt the Ice man has sold as many insurance polices as me, so whoz the man now?

Ok look.You fags need to shut up bout Vanilla Ice!!!He is THE man.He's sold more record albums than you have so you can shove it AND get bent!!!!!
Trick Sasuke
he's on surreal life fame games and he's not gay cuz he has a wife and kids
Saw the ice man having a piss in a Scottish motorway service station in 2004 , he didnt wash his hands though. Mingin or what ?
the pilgrim
Turned gay. Saw him holding hands with guy in super market,in massachusetts,....kina freaky.
he was on some crappy TV show where they brought back old has-beens and people voted who they liked the most.
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