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Errr.... Who?

Ex-Page 3 girl

This is what they are doing now...

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shes now in the am celebrity get me out of here jungle i've just seen her in that on itv 1 lol
Sam is due to appear in 2009 in a american talent show as a celebrity judge. The show is called American Lip Sync. The show will air on a major channel for one hor a week over 13 weeks.
Early 2008 Sam appeared with her partner Myra in Wifeswap.
She turned into a Lesbo, the pinnacle of her career, i would say. Bet your mum's proud eh. Get your tits out for a few years, make a couple of seedy crap songs, and then get into some old dyke.
Way to go !
Sam was featured on a new version of Touch Me with Swedish artist Gunther. The single went no 1 in Sweden and top 5 in many european countries including Finland and Norway in 2005. The single made no 20 on the Euro chart. Sam followed her re-release of Touch Me featuring on Superchumbo's underground USA club hit 'Sugar' Sam released a new album called 'Angel with an Attitude' in Canada in 2005 and has been touring their over the past 2 years. This album is due a worldwide release in the near future. Sam has a single out in Japan right now called 'A Question of Honour' that has appeared on various compilation albums etc. See there's no holding her back!!
Apparently she's very big in Bollywood!

She's not shy of appearing on reality celebrity type TV here in the UK either (expect to see her on a celeb Big Brother soon!). She's done a home makeover show with Colin and Justin, and that show where she and some other C-lists had to run a bar.

And yes... the lesbian thing is indeed true.

saw her at an anastasia concert a year or so ago. she still looked good to me.
doug kirklas
It's true, she has gone lesbo and has plans to mary her lesbian lover...none other that former U.S. Atty General Janet Reno...whom she met at "Janet's Dance Party" some years back.
Dick Cheney
I also Heard that she plans to marry her lesbian lover

You go Girl!!!!

Samantha Fox? A LESBIAN?!?! Oh God! Say it isn't SO!!!


Such a waste...SUCH a waste...
she was doing commentary on E.TV show about the 80's
"Living comftably off all the money she made as a model and pop star. Her last hit was in 1998 with "Santa Maria". Still tours the Clubs around Europe & Japan. Has kept her good looks:)"
"Saw in the paper a few weeks back that she is now a lesbian, living with some crinkly old 40 yr old!"
Ros Williams
"I read that she's now a lesbian and getting 'married' to her girlfriend, who's about 40 & ugly. What people will do for publicity!"
"Sam Fox is still performing. She recently appeared on TV in France, Greece, Germany, the UK, and Spain. Her gigs lead her to all over Europe, America, and the Middle East. Furthermore Sam is about to release a new material including a new album, video/dvd, and autobiography. I wish her much luck."
"saw her at Camdengirl in London a few months back where Chesney Hawkes was performing"