What Happened To Ringo Starr?

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Errr.... Who?

Ex-Beatle's drummer

This is what they are doing now...

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Ringo's son Zack Starr is currently the drummer in The Who. After Ringo said he'd never let his son be a drummer.
for a very average drummer, he played them sort of ok. he was very lucky to have been around at that time and of course, in the right place. if the beatles were starting out today, i think it would be a definate case of 'NEXT!!!' being shouted out after his little drum rolls. as for his looks and intellect, well, let's not go there.
john holding
Ringo has just put out a new album that is selling like hot cakes!
he DID do the voice of thomas the tank n he lives in california and ALSO in Birkenhead. not gonna say the place but a few people do know. please leave him alone though.thanks.
Chris Harrison, L22
Ringo makes movies and documentaries now and also does ads for drinks in Japan
He has recently teamed up with Paul McCartney and performed a live concert. I think it was held in London but it was broadcasted everywheres. It was sponsored by or in support of the O.N.E. foundation to make awareness of poverty. For more info visit the O.N.E. website.
I read somewhere (think it might of been Bizarre mag) that he is currently writing a comic book with Stan Lee (creator of Spiderman, X-Men etc). Its about a super hero version of himself.
Dean Shelley
Ringo Starr has made his own band: "Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band" and is still traveling around doing shows, being on interviews sometimes and just doing freelancing work. He is still very active and he is my favorite Beatle!! (He still wears the sunglasses).
postive he was the story teller 4 thomas the tank engine in the early 80s
Ringo has just released a book of the postcards lennon and mc cartney sent him during the beatles era. Quite an interesting read, if you like that kind of thing.
Ryan (liverpool jmu)
He on Jonathon Ross show a few weeks ago-Ringo cut Jonathon's Hair. Ringo is up to sod all really apparently-he's just written a book.
he was in Concert For George - which was a tribute concert to George Harisson (obviously!)
He's the voice of Thomas The Tank Engine
Bazz Evans
Ringo Starr lives in a large house in Bel Air. He is slowly rotting away
Ringo still records. his last album ringorama came out last year. He tours USA regularly with the all-starr band, a band made up of rock stars from 60s and 70s (in the past included Dr John, Jack Bruce, Gary Brooker, his son Zak etc). He's a lot bigger in America than the UK. Although most critics agree his past few albums have been amongst his best since his early solo stuff.
t blythe
He narrated Thomas the Tank Engine, obviously
David Hodge
Ringo did do the voice of Thomas The Tank Engine. Check it on ITV1, Friday 3.25
"After doing Thomas The tank engine he retired to a cottage in Bognar"
"He formed his own pop band. I saw him on the tonight show, I think. His pop music blows, him being just the drummer of a famous band."
"Don't know what he is doing now, but I can say that he did not do the voice for Thomas the Tank, it was George Carlin. That brings up a whole 'nother What Happened to..."
Thomas H.
" Ringo and George Carlin both did the voice of Thomas the Tank."