What Happened To Patrick Swayze?

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Errr.... Who?

Star of 'Ghost' and 'Dirty Dancing'

This is what they are doing now...

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he died of pancreatic cancer in september 2009
patrick swayze was indeed in ja rule's rap video titled :reign not regin. he was a detective on the heels of ja's character.
also it was in the paper last week tht he has cancer and only 5 weeks to live
the song tht patrick swayes was in wit Ja Rule is called Regin( think the rain is calling murder ) was wondering if any1 if tht was actual a film as i swear i ave seen it as Ja Rule goes to prison and Patrick is the copper or summit if any1 knows then can u let me know
he was in a ja rule music video can remember d name
He's in Guys and Dolls in the West End
Patrick Swayze was NOT the dad in the Sky High flick mentioned below by Spectator. A close resemblance, but that was Kurt Russell.
Ok on the animated clerks thing Gilbert Godfree actually did his voice. On to Patrick Swayze I saw him on VHI about a month ago and he's got a mustache like a 14 year old boy.
He's playing in a new movie about super heros. He is the dad of a family of super heros and helps his son figure out what his super power is. Similar to "the Incredibles" but it isn't animated. Also he guest stars as a dance trainer in some celebrity tv special. I think it was called something along the lines of "Dancing with the stars". Sorry I'm not for sure.
He was in the movie Donnie Darko. You should see it it was a crazy movie with crazy twists and he played this weird guy who help people like inspires them or something, he's kinda creep but it was a good creepy role for him i guess. Still you should see the movie. DONNIE DARKO ! It's the best movie ever!
Didn't he fall off a horse and break both his legs really badly leaving him unable to make films for a few years?
Neil Thompson
He's also in King Solomon's Mine on Hallmark
Last seen in Donnie Darko. Great film!
he appeared animated in Kevin Smith's Clerks, The Animated Series... he worked in a pet shop and tended the horse....
He made a cameo in the new Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights movie. I think.
I just saw him on the Whoopie Goldberg show two/three weeks ago. He didn't age well after being such a heart throb. But is still thin and has all of his hair.
Kathie- Fla.USA
I heard Patrick Swayze was abducted by aliens in August, 2003 while on a trip to Billings, Montana
Elmo Sclagern
"After "Ghost" topped the box office ratings in 1990 he did a awful presentation at a music awards show, which wasn't funny .. although this was some time ago. Today he is still making films, last year he was in one called "Donnie Darko" and he is a new one comming up called "Waking up in Reno"."
"As far as i know he's STILL making films - i think he done one a yr or so ago on Sky, Black Dog?? he's a trucker with meatloaf."