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Errr.... Who? TV/Radio Presenter

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The reason he seems to be popping up on so many Radio Stations at the same time is he worked for a company called Blue Revolution who then sell his show to other stations, hence you can hear him on one station, flick to another and he'll still be there, normally only a few milliseconds difference in timing if at all, it's pretty standard and how most of the chart shows work. Last time I heard him doing something different was on Smooth FM's lunchtime show this year.
Pat Sharp was at the Ivory Rooms in Billericay Essex. last night it was a great night and he played good 80's funk and soul music.
If you get the chance go and join the fun.
Pat Sharp legend...
Mine is the only correct information on the man Pat Sharp- Pat is now presenting his own 'Drive Show'- weekdays between 4 and 7 p.m- on "Heart 103 Cambridge"-which can only be heard on 103 F.M in the Cambridge area. He has also recently presented 'totally 80's' a radio show broadcast on a number of different stations accross the country. I believe he still lives in Edgware North London and commutes every day to Cambridge for his show on Heart 103..
Adam K, Chelmsford Essex
I have seen quite a few pat sharpe video clips on youtube,showing him DJing at clubs.If anyone gets the chance to go to one of his shows,video it and put it up on youtube.
infact mate your wrong it was his sons girlfriend doing porn!!!
Pat is a roving DJ. One of his daughters briefly did porn, she made 4 movies and it is rumored that Pat paid off the companies to remove the vids from online. She lives in Fort Lauderdale Florida.
Steve Davidson
pat shape for president!! people don't get much better than him!
emily leach
Pat Sharp has 3 kids
in fact i am friends with his daughter Charlotte
he lives in radlett, north london.
Pat Sharp presents a national radio show called 'The Weekend Vibe' for a company called Blue Revolution.

"Mixing up the finest 70s/80s Soul, Funk & Disco together with 90s Old Skool and the best of today, The Weekend Vibe is the ultimate fun, feel- good Sunday afternoon show."
Now working for Invicta Radio in Kent, he is married and has 3 children
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