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Errr.... Who? Australian singer of 'Natural' amongst others

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katie and peter have split up he got a new song out behind close doors and an album soon too hes also on twitter too if a fan please follow i do
julie south wales
katie and peters new shows now started.. peole hu go round judging katie n pete shud watch it! they jus real and down to earth people! i dont understand y poele call her fake. poele judge them n actualy no notin bout them! calin katie a slut wens shes a brilliant mum and married leave her alone shes an inspiartion 2 people! dont judge her wen u no NOTIN bout her!! i lv katie n pete =D x-x-x-x
You have to be very very stupid to not notice Pete and Katie (Jordon)in every blooming celeb mag...they released that terrible song A whole new world. Jordon was actually a better singer than her husband!
Are you sure you're thinking about the right people?? Rude and obnoxious kids??? One is severely handicapped and can't do anything for himself and the other is just a baby. I'm no fan of Peter Andre and Jordan but you need to get your facts straight dumbass!!
Yeah the Jordan marriage thing. They have a couple of the rudest, most obnoxious celebrity kids I've ever seen.
well i wonder if its for real but back here in ghana the rumor is that he is dead i mean out of the world is it really true?
he says he's meet his number one fan her name is mouair terei he meet her in 2004 and he says he will never forget her she lives in new zealand auckland and rewa
married katie price in a v v v ott wedding and they have a brat called junior, the poor thing!
Peter Andre is making an apperance to a night club where i live (Stoke-0n-Trent). The night club is called Liquid. he must be losing his touch if he's visiting stoke-on-trent
getting married to jordan, who is now expecting his baby. she's about 3months i think
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