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What Happened To New Kids on the Block?

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Errr.... Who? 90's American boy-band

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This is old news, but they have gotten back together and as of May 2008 have a hit single, Summertime, and are touring now.
okk i don't have a update on all the nkotb guys but i do know that joey is married & they r having a baby (not sure when or if the baby is a girl or a boy) sorri can't update u guys on the other guys
one of them, not sure which is staring in a new reality programme on MTV with bradley from S Club and Lee from 911
Donnie Wahlberg was in the recent film hit "Saw II". He plays a detective at odds against the "bad guy"! Wild film!! If you like suspense, and don't mind a little gore, you have got to see this!!
Joe McIntyre has brought out another solo cd. My friend has them all cos she still has a crush on him after nearly 15 years!
VH1 tried to get the group back together. Jordan wanted to, but he was the only one. The other members didn't want to because they were focusing on some other aspect of their lives. They will probably never get back together and it would be a long shot if they ever sang together again. Theres too much animosity between all of them!!
There have been rumors that they are thinking about getting together to do a new album. One of them is holding out though and doesn't want to do it. Who knows? I just heard it on the morning news. (Not April fools or anything :) )
I always loved Joey. It seems he is still working on his music. I actually still listen to it! His voice is really great, even if the songs aren't exactly chart toppers. I still think he is great. He also said something about his wife on his website. Good for him!
Jonathan Knight is a really successful real estate investor in the Boston area. He never did enjoy fame very much, he had the worst time dealing with all the anxiety caused by show business.
Joey McIntyre was on Boston Public for a season and is starring in the film version of 'Tony N Tina's Wedding' alongside That 70s Show star Mila Kunis.

The movie is an adaptation of a hit play.

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