What Happened To Mark Paul Gosselar?

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Errr.... Who?

'Zack' from 'Saved by the Bell'

This is what they are doing now...

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this year (2007) i saw a pilot in las vegas for cbs or one of those networks at the mgm grand that had him as the main character. he was a lawyer working at a firm and janean gorafolo(?) was in it. it was a pretty good show, i gave it a good review. i hope it makes it to prime time.
i SWEAR i saw him on a purina dog chow commercial but my husband says it's no way him !! help!!
He was seen on a lifetime movie The House Next Door.
The dude is not dead. He was in NYPD Blues and will now be playing in the new TV series called Commander in Chief with Geena Davis. Get your facts straight and do a little more reading and research before you declare someone dead.
October 17,2005 I know he did play on nypd blue but, i saw it in reruns so I have no idea if he is still on the show. One thing I do know is that he isn't dead. It is so weird to see all these people saying he is. When I was like 16 or 17 (which I am now 27)everyone was going around school saying he was dead. I mean you heard it every where. He actually heard about the rumour and made a appearance on a commercial break of saved by the bell to confirm that he was ok. I saw it with my own eyes. I have no idea why the rumours about him dying get so big. Anyways, as far as I know and i'm pretty sure, he is still alive and is still acting all the time. He looks just as good as he did back then!!
okay all this stuff seems old. is he dead? if so i haven't heard that but i don't watch nypd blue to know whether or not that's out of date info.
last time i saw him was yesterday on an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, he played a guy named Wesley who was married to a porn star and he was shot by her boss.
he didn't dye his hair black, he is naturally a brunette. In the beginning of saved by the bell he dyed his hair blonde.
"Last I saw he was Cooper in Dead Man On Campus, I think that movie was made in about 1998, so i figure he's just doing low budget rainy day comedies"
"hes on nypd blue"
"i saw him in a movie call BEER MONEY.i think he's so cute....."
"i heard he got into a drinking and driving accident and died. that's all i know"
"Definately on nypd blues"
"Mark is now on NYPD blue he has been married for 5 yrs. now. He's great, sexy, and has appeared on the view."
"He isnt dead the last movie i know of him playing in is born into exile in 1997 he also played in the movie she cried no 1997 if u want any info on him go to sitehttp://hubcap.clemson.edu/~tsalmon/sbtb/actor.htm"
"he is in my bed making sweet love to me and as for him being dead, it is untrue he is very much alive you bastards stop the viscous rumours!"
"I Know that he is dead because i read it in the newspaper, it was a drugs overdose. People that say he isnt just dont want to believe it."
"Last time i saw that sexy thing, was last week, he played on a U.S.A network movie called "dying to belong" so forget all of u who said he's dead, he's alive, and as much as a FOX AS EVER!!! MMMMMMMMMM!"
"He is DEFINITLY not dead, he is on NYPD blue, he plays Det. Clark jr. I know this for a fact because my dad just got back form cali. and saw him on the set last week !"
"hes for sure on NYPD Blue-I met him at Spage before the season priemere party-hes still HOT"
"It is obvious, he is in NYPD Blue despite everyone not believing me! Here's photographic evidence! http://www.stwing.upenn.edu/~sepinwal/nypd.html"
Laura Kirsop
"He was just in a movie "The Princess and the Marine" with Marisol Nichols. I don't know why some people think he's dead. He's very much alive."
"He is definitely on NYPD Blue, and he is actually married to my roommate's distant cousin. He ISN'T DEAD PEOPLE!!! Sheeshhhh!!!"
"Erm, last time i heard of him it was in a film called 'Dead Man On Campus' or at least i think it was him, he had black hair+was looking mighty fine (may ahve been an older film). either it was him or my sister has been lying to me!!"
"Mark-Paul rides motocross, as does my boyfriend.

So we're always traveling places. Mark will be in Mammoth during the last week of June to race the 250cc Junior Division on 6/30.

So, he's not dead (and, duh, he plays on NYPD Blue). He's alive and trying to kick butt on the track!!!"

Rachael Bronstrup
"Mark-Paul Gosselar will be in the upcoming TBS movie "Atomic Twister" ...I seen it advertised on the station. He had his hair dyed black now and I think he'll be playing some young-father-type guy in the movie."
Alex Roten
"He took the place of the hottie Ricky Schroeder on NYBD Blue!! He didn't die of steroid overdose!!!!"
Detroit What
"He is on NYPD Blue and before that had his own talk show and did a few movies. So stop saying he is dead"
"He is too alive. I saw him on a movie not a month ago on television. It was call Atomic Twister, played on TBS. Saw it with my own eyes!"