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Errr.... Who? 'Hawkeye' from the tv show 'MASH'

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He does a voice in an audio book, World War Z, by Max Brooks. Very good book about zombies.
He was in the 2000 film "What Woman Want" with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. He was the boss of the the advertising company which they worked for.
Alan was on "Parkinson" not long ago promoting his new book (autobiography). The title escapes me, but it sounds like a great read.
Appeared on "The Kumars at Number 42" (18 August 2006).
Katy Ingram
He appeared on the New Paul O'Grady Show yesterday (1 June 2006) promoting his latest book.
Katy Ingram
Was just nominated for a Tony award and was a presenter at the 2005 Tony Awards. Also does documentaries for Discovery Channel.
He's the Republican candidate for President on the NBC show "The West Wing" years 04/05
He was in The Aviator as a senator or something.
He also was in the new movie Avaitor with Leonardo Decaprio!!
Alan Alda has a major part as the corrupt Maine senator in Martin Scorseses "Aviator" starring Leanardo De Caprio. Alan and Cate Blanchet are the best things in it !
dennis woods
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