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What Happened To Macauly Culkin?

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Errr.... Who? Star of the first two 'Home Alone' movies

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Info on Macauly ends with him dating the girl from thats 70 show and pulled over for a DUI, after that no one seems to know what hes up to and 6 years have passed.
He's on Kings! As the nephew. But Kings is getting cancelled now. I really like that show too...
Justin B
last time i saw him on tv his face was blurred as he was givin evidence for a michael j trial and i heard dat he was doin drugs i have no idea if its true though
I saw "Saved" and I always see him on "E" Channel for various things, like his marriage and red carpet events and such...
i saw some of that, didnt see what he actually called his penis though...If it turns out to be "Michael Jackson" or some variation i think the defense should probably reconsider using him as a witness.
Wasn't he in that movie "Saved!" with Mandy Moore? I think that was released back in 2004 or something.

I also heard he's doing some play. If I'm not mistaken it started earlier on in 2006 and is still runing on broadway.

I saw him on Late Night With Conan O'Brien..where he revealed that he actually has a name for his penis... W H A T E V E R

contemplating 'leaving acting' as he is the 'most out of work actor he knows' apparently.
In 2004 macauly culkin got pulled over for drinking drugs
He was arrested earlier in the year in Oklahoma for driving drunk and for pot posession with some other guy in his car, but then got released from Oklahoma City Jail the next morning.
I heard he's gay. It was on the news with tha story about him getting arrested last week.
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