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Jesus is Lord Now the way Mases is reprsenting him, Trust me GOD is not please. Many are call to Christ but few a choose. The is Church not full of Traders or people that say one thing and do another. Notice I said not full. The word of GOD says you can not serve two masters you will love one and hate the other. He loves money more right now than God . God controlls wealth and he can bless whom ever he want. But the thing is if he were to die today bearing this type of fruit which means loving money the way he does he would go to a devils hell. It's sad but GOD is loving but he is Just. When he give you mercy you should not abuse it.
Jesus is Lord
A man said "I hear that he has a clicque of homo thugs at his church called Lighthouse Productions, and only the men in the group can stay at the new mansion he\'s building.

He's gay, and it's been said for years that Puffy had him showing the lunar eclipse in the bedroom. Can't nobody take my pride?!

Mase is a sucker. He thought he was going back to the top, but now he has a congregation of humpbacks and dukestrokers. I hope he spontaneously combusts during a sermon."

A lot of the blind people on here do not understand God because of there lack of knowledege. Nor do they understand Satan. What this man said is a small portion of how Satan feels about Mase. I am gonna say something about my enemy. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. He is looking for someone to devour, but who is annointed enough that if he devours the head he has the ability to devour the rest of the body. If Mase really had the annointing to change millions of lies Satan would much rather attack him.

Do not be a fool and sit here to judge Mase because you only bring the judger forth to judge you. The only person who can condemn you is you. Living a lifestyle that is against God will surely send you to Hell! Again, this is not judging but truth. Do you think God will accept the smallest of sin? No, he hates sin. Jesus said "Stop, sinning." The world is so blind that it cannot not realize that sin has them right in its hands and they are committed slaves to sin. So, in contrast to Mase, if he goes back to the sinful lifestyle he only condemns himself and then will sin become that mans master. Jesus said I am going to have you this way and not any other. This does not exempt anyone; This goes for every human being who breathes air.

One of God's own
what ever yall say about Mase i dont give a F### man Mase is the shit fo real despite anything that is going on. However u need to listen to his new songs like check cleared when he callling Brandy a Hoe and dissin Jim Jones. He cusing again man. This guy actually thinks he is a pastor but he is cursing. Some people call him a hypocrite but he still my favorite rapper. I just read an article the other day about Mase. He told people that once he came back in the rap game he wanted to quit the church, i dont know if he really means this but i really think he needs to keep preaching for people. G-Unit is the cause of this though people cant see this its all beacause of 50 Cent. %0 wanted his contrat but Diddy wouldnt give it up so thats why 50 dissin him with the song hip hop is dead. I always listen to niggaz say that read his book and shit telling me that he wouldnt return to the rap game, agiain he spoke about that in the jet books when he came out with his cd Welcome Back. He said he wasnt making enough in the church that was the main reason. Anywayzzzz his cd might be called Karma or the Secong Coming no telling when he is putting his cd out. His beef is over with Fabolus if u guys havent heard it ended during the summer. Mase won the freestly battle he dissin loon and won that too. Now what will MAse do now hes still on the edge beefing with Killa Cam and JIm Jones.
Yeah, dude. Ya'll needa stop dissin' Mase. My mom asks me every-day when she's playing the " Welcome Back " cd, " What happened to Mase? " and I come here and see a buncha desperate white boys tryn'a rash on him. Grow the f**k up, man.

So, from what I've read, I didn't really get the answer. What'd Mase do AFTER the " Welcome Back " CD? It says he became a preacher, and then joined G-Unit, but there's no dates here, so I dunno if you're talking about before he was a born again Christian, or after. I don't think he'd do very well in G-Unit. The " Welcome Back " CD is really .. word-ish, yanno? I didn't think that after he was born again, he'd go back to rappin' about girls, sex and money. I dunno', you tell me. Date; August 7th, 06. If ya'll have AIM, IM me and help me out. Sn: cry of the weak or cryoftheweak@aol.com

Yes Ma$e did become a pastor, however, he has now left the church n signed to a new group. This might sound ungodly but yes its true Ma$e is a member of G-Unit (the group 50 cent created).
now he's on G-UNIT Records. Now what do ya'll have to say.
GOD had a plan for Mase all along. If GOD wanted Mase to have his own church, or teach the Word to other rap artist, cats or dogs, the only one who can judge Mase is GOD!

Simple as that.

October 17,2005
First of all people need to start putting the dates on their comments. It makes it alot easier to know when all this stuff was going on. Before, I read this I had no idea Mase had ever been a Preacher but, I wasn't that surprised either. As far as i've seen or heard Mace has never done or said anything that offended me or made me think he couldn't be a religious man. He has a wonderful voice and more than likely enjoys singing. Of course, he wants to make money and theres nothing wrong with that. I really don't get how ya'll think ya'll have the right to judge Mace. As far, as you know this was the Lords next plan for mace. All of you are trying to say ya'll are such wonderful religious people. I think if God choose Mace to preach his word then, God will not forsake Mace just for using the talent in which he was gifted with. It's not right for ya'll to act as if ya'll know what God had in mind for Mace. Anyway, I like his songs even though I usualy don't like rap much.
He is no longer a pastor a just made song called welcome back.
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