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Errr.... Who? Was in boy-band 'North and South'

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Hey, I miss north and south so much and have been searching high and low for their album and the tv series on download or DVD! Anything ... Why has Lee and the other guys vanished off the face of the earth?? Come back! :( . oh Lee was always my fave to 😍 he's gorgeous. Gutted they got dropped. Big mistake! There's talentless idiots about like could name a few but they don't get dropped why? And u can get Miami 7 and LA 7 on DVD n stuff but no sweat? No where to be found. Also someone must have the album allsorts?. Thanks for any help. Xxx email me mrssalvulcanorfc@gmail.com
Is this Iain otter who lived in southampton about 10-12 years ago?
Hello lee, I met you in year 2000 working in pinewood butlins mine head, I approached you for your autograph as the girls were too shy lol I bumped into you in jumping jacks and you got me a drink and we had a dance to eminem on stage, doubt you remember me but will always stay in my memories, xxx
Here is the North & South album if anyone is still looking for it. http://www.mediafire.com/download/zbwuwu33xpbnul8/North_and_South-_Allsorts_%281998%29.rar
Coco Lee
so called river otter ha very funny by the way almost laughed, you are obviously from rushden and still there sleeping with your mum, along with your uncle and grandmother, please visit bedford it has grass and trees, bring your mother or sister or whoever she is xxxx
iain otter
Lee and Ian Otter were both complete assholes that rated themselves and always thought they were hard but really they was a right couple of pussy holes.

They are both gay now, and live in bedford.

North and South was a complete flop.
River Otter
I met Lee when working with his dad as side kick on karaoke nights. If Lee is still the same lad I last met in 2002 then he is still a lovely lad and very polite and down to earth.
Lee's whole family are fantastic and I miss them lots.
Rod, miss you loads too buddy!
Chris Weatherley
if you have a problem with my brother come and see me i will kick the living sh*t out of you i promise, please leave a message if you think your big enough you bunch of pussies x
iain otter
knew the otter family when i was younger has anyone got joshues email adress as would like to get in touch again
I went junior school with josh and would really like to get in contact again does anyone know where they live
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