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Errr.... Who?

Sang 'Do you love me Boy?'

This is what they are doing now...

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can anyone tell me if the have do you love me boy song because i can find it anywhere if anyone has it can they email it to me at [email protected] thanks
kerri-ann is now KATIE PRICE'S pa!!
dave baker
"she had a song out in 1998 called 'do u love me boy? only made num 58 second single irreplacable never came out in uk"
"She is now a successful fashion stylist in London and has fond memories of her career as a budding popstrel. She knocked U2 off their chart position with Irreplacable in Ireland!"
Sylvia Smother
"She was very big in ireland where 'Do u love me boy?' made no.2 and her 2nd hit 'Irreplacable made no.1 But shes never made any higher than no.58 in the u.k. but no ones seen her cince early 1999"
Andy H