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What Happened To 911?

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What 911 used to look like

Errr.... Who? Pint-sized English boy-band

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How 911 looks now

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lee brennan is in Sleeping Beauty https://t.co/9Yx9C1aSbZ in liverpool go see him
julie e
jimmy constable road to evolution album help support jimmy on pledge music here is the link https://t.co/qCudhjSolW
julie e
for more info on the big reunion follow the lads here on twitter https://twitter.com/911official
huge 911 fan
they're doing the big reunion which is on in jan 2013 on itv2 with other bands 5ive, atomic kitten, liberty x, bewitched, honeyz - all fans don't forget to watch
huge 911 fan
spike is on twitter follow him at @MrSpikeDawbarn
jimmy is also on twitter @jimmyconstable all 911 fans go follow him
lee has twitter go follow him @MrLeeBrennan on twitter
please can every one follow on twitter 911comeback and help support the boys thanks
just found out that lee brennan is new carlisle youth zone ambassador
gem wales
911 are bringing out a new album soon and possible a tour please join 911 official on facebook find all 911 of where they playin and what there up too there lol
julie e
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