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Errr.... Who?

White-haired English TV presenter

This is what they are doing now...

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Well...You all must feel pretty stupid now! So much praise and love for a kiddie fiddler and sexual predator!
Obalong brewskitz
i once met jimmy on the railway platform at sheffield, he spoke, smiled, lovely man
brian, from sheffield
RIP Jimmy died today will always be remembered
My Grandma met Jimmy on the QE2 in the 80's, she was admiring his bling and he let her try them on, made her decade :) top guy
He is checking into heaven at St Peter's Gate. But he has been told he has to complete one Marathon a day for eternity....After telling Sir James this St Peter said "How's about that then?"

RIP to a kind and generous gentleman
Not Jimmy
Sir Jimmy Savile died today. Saturday, 29th October, 2011. He was aged 84.

Rest in Peace, Sir Jimmy.
James Dubai
poor jimmy died this afternoon,may he r.i.p he was a great man for tv and chrity ,he will be sadly missed
david cassin
R.I.P Jimmy, Jimmy lived just outside Glencoe in a house opposite the Devils Staircase, I believe it once burnt down and he rebuilt it from scratch. Yes he was also a not so regular at The Clachaig in Glencoe. R.I.P Jim the world needs more like you
Jami Gilmore
just heard he has died today xx
seen jimmy saville at Clachaig inn glen coe pub he lives in the area
Saw Jimmy exiting platform 2 at Glasgow Central station at about 1420 on 04/08/2011. He had a large back pack on and looked good for his age and was very spritely with his customary gold bracelets and rings on.
Paul L
Jimmy Saville is advertising The Scarborough Spa Express on TV the advert was showing 18th July 2011 in the adverts for Emmerdale ITV1 (Yorkshire Region) and he is looking and sounding great for an 85 yr old Leeds lad lol
colin m
I met Jimmy Saville at the Polygon Hotel in Southampton in 1964 and he signed menu for me it read Hi to St Michael. He had white hair on one side and black on the other,was a pleasure to meet him, a gent
Mike Collier
Met him today at a hospice in leeds. He' s still doing charity work and looks very fit and well. He was really pleasant and signed his autograph. He is also still a cheeky chappy. Lovely man.
chris latz
please jim please can u fix it 4 me 2 get a job where i sit down all day and do nothing
ed walker
Had lunch at Craven Arms Appletreewick today (23/03/11). Looked his age but still had the cigar!
Mike Wilmore
Remember Jimmy fom the late fifties when he was heavily into cycling.
He rode the Tour of Britain and finished up being the race commentator and presenter. I took a photo of him at a stage finish in Eastbourne in 1958.
Dave Scott
we went on a Locks & Glens holiday to Arrochar and went past his cottage and had a stop at the cafe and had a break and saw his little campervan the owner said he knew jimmy and let him park it in there
Michael Willson
I once met Jimmy at scotstoun park in Glasgoow,he was there to promote a charity run. Also at the event was a comic called Allen Stewert who when he had did what he was paid for dived into the back seat of a limo and was driven away by his driver without sighning an autograph. Jimmy on the other hand spent over two hours signing autographs for all who asked and entertaining the kids I can only say that he is a gentleman of the highest order and one of the nicest most genuine
men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.
met jimmy in cafe in glencoe this september
angela phillips
To Mr Walker..

remember me....i was one of them little boy's who Samantha Fox kissed and she burst our football, remember?? i am looking for the vid so i can show my children.....any info contact

[email protected]

thanx cya
mr walker i was one of them boys that samantha fox kissed...remember russell...yay its me..i would love the vid again to show my children...email me on [email protected] you soon...
He appears at the Great Scottish Run in Glasgow every September and is always made very welcome.
He was great fun at the kids' run last year, cheering them on and running the last stretch with them.
I think he's a really nice guy!
And I LOVE his eccentricity...nothing boring about him!
he lives most of the year in a cottage in Glencoe
My now dead mother once told me that I am distantly related to Jimmy Saville. I don't know the exact route this takes but I'm sure it's very 'removed', ie. mostly by marriage. It is, however, rather traumatic for me as I firmly believe the man is a freak of disturbing magnitude. I'm looking forward to throwing a 'Saville-is-dead' party very soon and everyone's invited.
Andy 'Savileisacu**' Noise
He came to Oban for life boat day and I got his Autograph
I first saw Jim in the late forties hanging out of the top of a car commenting on a cycle race. Then in the sixties in a sandwich bar in the west end. He struck me then as a nice down to earth character and not a bit like the celebrity I expected. May he live long and happy especially as he is a dedicated follower of bike racing.
Derek Taylor
He's gonna do another Jim'll Fix It. Its gonna be about the people he fixed it for and wot they are doing now
bill sweet
He's going to present the last ever Top Of The Pops. I think it's broadcast on 30 July 2006...
Katy Ingram
He was on National Public Radio in the US yesterday (Jun 20, '06) being interviewed about the tragic demise of Top of the Pops. Frankly I had assumed that he was dead, so was quite suprised. He sounded well.
Richard James
Carol, it wasn't his trousers he was sucking. Rumour has it, that he's trying to give up smoking those cigars!
Tommy Joyce
i saw him at manchester airport a couple of months ago. he was sat in a corner on his own, sucking his trousers and laughing!
carol livington
I was on holiday in April up in the highlands of scotland with the parents, and we saw Jimmy in a local coffee shop in Glencoe, near where he has a house up there! He came and said hello to us!
Canny old man who did a lot, made a lot, fixed a lot and all this without much talent. I even think he had a "gangster" in him. Anyway I met the man when he fixed Samantha Fox to serve up breakfast in a boy's home. Great fun can you imagine PC allowing that today. Hope all is well with him and Samantha!
Bill Walker
He fixed it for me at the weekend, I spotted the trademark hair and ciger 1st then the trackie. I`d had a bad weekend, was heading home, down in the dumps and he gave me the biggest smile and a wave. He cheered me up no end. Thanks jim.x
Celeb big brother in UK - brief appearance!
I saw jimmy the other day, he looked terrible like an old boot all rough and leathery mey'be he can fix that.
clive sparrow
did the comic relief video with peter kay
Jimmy Saville is a sick old man who sleeps in his dead mother's bed and keeps her clothes in her wardrobe.

He made a prize idiot of himself on Louis Theroux's programme, most notably by smoking a cigar while running on a treadmill, and by reminding a hospital that he gave them a machine for 'charity' and therefore deserved preferential treatment.

I hate Jimmy Saville, and you should too.

Jammy Saville
I met Jimmy saville in 1979 in London. I was a 19 year old American who came to England to marry my English bride. While I had never heard of Jimmy Saville, my wifes family knew him and he lent us his flat in London for our honeymoon. While there he came and visited us. I remember the white hair, the gold chains and the cigars. I also remember asking him what "O.B.E" meant and he told me "Owns banks everywhere". What a character. I have long been divorced but Jimmy was an experience I will never forget.
Edward Powney
I often see sir jimmie at mass at our local catholic church. he is a regular attender during the week and on sundays. he is actually perfectly normal and a really great guy who has much compassion for his fellow men and who has put this into action over many years giving loads of time and energy to charitable pursuits. He is not a weirdo at all but just someone who made it big by talent and hard work and I think people should realise this.
mike garner
"retired from most things, freinldy with fellow wierdo loius theroux after louis did a tv prog about him"
"I have the dude's autograph!! He was here in Dundee a year ago doing something for something (great amount of detail, I know) and a friend got his autograph for me on a business card. He also drew me a smiley. He's the man!!"
Jillish Bug
"Jimmy has retired from the world of showbiz, a rich man. The star acumulated millions from his days on Top of the pops, Jim'll fix it, Radio 1 and those Brititsh Rail adverts. The BBC also gave him a pretty good pension"