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What Happened To Jimmy Saville?

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Errr.... Who? White-haired English TV presenter

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Well...You all must feel pretty stupid now! So much praise and love for a kiddie fiddler and sexual predator!
Obalong brewskitz
i once met jimmy on the railway platform at sheffield, he spoke, smiled, lovely man
brian, from sheffield
RIP Jimmy died today will always be remembered
My Grandma met Jimmy on the QE2 in the 80's, she was admiring his bling and he let her try them on, made her decade :) top guy
He is checking into heaven at St Peter's Gate. But he has been told he has to complete one Marathon a day for eternity....After telling Sir James this St Peter said "How's about that then?"

RIP to a kind and generous gentleman
Not Jimmy
Sir Jimmy Savile died today. Saturday, 29th October, 2011. He was aged 84.

Rest in Peace, Sir Jimmy.
James Dubai
poor jimmy died this afternoon,may he r.i.p he was a great man for tv and chrity ,he will be sadly missed
david cassin
R.I.P Jimmy, Jimmy lived just outside Glencoe in a house opposite the Devils Staircase, I believe it once burnt down and he rebuilt it from scratch. Yes he was also a not so regular at The Clachaig in Glencoe. R.I.P Jim the world needs more like you
Jami Gilmore
just heard he has died today xx
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