What Happened To Jason Priestly?

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Errr.... Who?

Was in 'Beverly Hills 90210'

This is what they are doing now...

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I love Jason Priestly since I was little watching the show that he had done when he was a teenager called Teen Angel , he played as Buzz Gunderson and he was so fine as angel to help that teenager on there and since then I was so hooked on his career I went from watching that to , watching him on Beverly Hills 90210 as Brandon and I was 13 at that time and as I had watched other's ones too .But when I had seen him on the news about his accident I was so scared for him that he wouldn't be able to walk again and so I'm glad that his friend Luke Perry and other to be other w/ him . Jason if you see this I love ya and I'm glad to know you are ok . Love ya your fan Erin<><
I don't think he was ever on OZ. That's Luke Perry he played Dylan Mckay on 90210. Jason Priestly played Brandon. He was on a show called TRU Calling but, it was cancelled last season.
He has a role on "tru Calling" as Jack the guy who wants to kill everyone Tru is trying to save!!!
I dont know
Doesn't he look a lot like that Nate dude on the Oprah Winfrey show?!

Anyways I have no idea where he's at. Didn't he like abuse drugs and burnout a looooong time ago?
Hes in a series called OZ, its about life in a jail, and its pretty hardcore stuff.
I still watch 90210 reruns all the time. So, I see him all the time on that show. And, of course, he is on Tru Calling. 90210 RULES!!!!
He is currently co-starring in "Tru Calling"
C'mon He's the Host of "Rides" on TLC every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m.!!!
2004: Saw a commercial that he's hosting a Discovery Channel series called "Rides". He's also a new cast member of the Fox series "Tru Calling".
He just did a made for tv movie "Who wants to marry Ryan Banks?" for the ABC family station.
he still wants to return to racing after his accident... and he appeared on ABC's 8 Simple Rules last year
He is currently in commercials to bring tourists back to Toronto after all the SARS scare crap with some other Canadian sudo-celebs
"he does broadcasting for sports and is still acting."
"He signed my brandon from beverly hills 90210 doll on the bum!!!"
"he is driving racecars"
"just got in a really bad car accident...was in critical condition for a while. i guess he's gonna be ok now, though. he played a bleached-haired crack dealer in "eye of the beholder" with ewan mcgregor and ashley judd"
woe kitten
"he 's an amature racecar driver. He was just in an accident at the Kentucky speedway"