What Happened To Jennifer Paige?

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Errr.... Who?

Sang 'Crush'

This is what they are doing now...

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"i have just come back from australia had a good time and saw her sitting in a CD sale rack for $00.50c.

so where do you think she is then? bloody hell doesnt that say enough? LOL....."

"She just released the first single from her new album. The single is entitled "These Day's" and is moving / maintaining on the charts. The album is entitled "Positively Somewhere" and is set for release on Sept. 18, 2001. There is a very active and informative fan club located at: http://es.clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/theultimatejenniferpaigefan"
"I heard her new song on the radio, that's all I know"
"Jennifer paige is coming back in the u.k. in march to bring out a new single. In april she is bringing out her second album."
Andrew Hunter
"Shes just about to release her new single called "stranded", a pathetic attempt at regaining her career as this song SUCKS"
"I saw her new video on the telly yesterday (4/8/02) its very dry ,a mid tempo song should be out in september i think and a album 2 follow"
Andrew Hunter
"she has a new single "stranded" released about 3 months ago. Which surprisingly's doing pretty well actually. She has this new "hippy-chick" look or something."
"Despite Her hit ''Crush'' hitting #2 in the uk and # 1 in 14 other countryes ,her new song ''Stranded'' Charted at #79 so it looks like she could be dropped from her record label,by jennifer"
Andy H