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He celebrated our Westfield shopping centres 1st anniversary with us at Derby.(oct 08).He looks well-happy.
vincezzo cooper
Jason's new single Share My World is released on download today. It is a fantastic song. For more information see:




jason is touring england again!!
kate russell
He was on my local radio station singing Especially For You with one of their DJs. There's a video here http://www.powerfm.com/Article.asp?id=411627&spid=
Just been to a jason donovan concert in manchester absolutely amazing! hes halfway through a nationwide tour. He also has a single "Share my World" out on 11th june 2007.!!!Find more info on www.myspace.com/jasondonovanofficial. He is also going to be playing at wembley for diana's tribute. LONG LIVE THE KING OF OZ!!!
He came third in I'm A Celebrity, behind Myleene Klass and Matt Willis. He is planning a tour for this year (2007).
Katy Ingram
He's in 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here' =D
He's A Celebrity... Get Him Out Of There! The series starts on Monday 13 November.
Katy Ingram
Is the voice of gameshow host Buzz on the ps2 games 'Buzz's big quiz' and 'Buzz's Music quiz.'
Vicky. Newcastle
He played Cardiff Student's Union last sept in freshers' week - he was immense, and he sang the home and away song then too, i thought it was supposed to be ironic
The Muppet
Next year he will be touring the UK in the musical Sweeney Todd - in a Theatre near you soon! x
Oh Everyday...
He's been trying to sell his car and put his number on the back, so naturally everyone found out about it and started ringing the number. Virgin Mobiles had to put an ad on TV which may or may not have been a spoof.
He appeared on ITV1's show "Ministry Of Mayhem" yesterday (9 July 2005) to promote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Katy Ingram
He's currently in London's West End performing 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'. He's playing the guy who creates the car. He certainly has got better since Neighbours but please someone take him back!
Libby the Mouse hunter!
Last thing I heard was that he was appearing on the West End as Caratacus Potts in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang".
Katy Ingram
Wasn't he in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in one of the theatres in London recently?
Yeah he was in Chitty Chitty bang bang in the West End not so long ago with the one and only Stephen Gately.
Your mum
he's in chitty chitty bang bang at the mo in london. HUGE posters everywhere with his face on!
why should anyone apologise, they're just opinions! And kohaku, yes at one point he was a smackhead!
if you lot think jason is a hasbin check my site just coz he's not top of the charts he is doin films,musicals and gigs check www.jasondonovan.name now say sorry to him
last i heard jason was playing Frank N furter in Rocky Horror show. was he not on drugs at some stage?
Saw him on a UK TV Comedy Chat/Game show called Nevermind the Buzzcocks. Anyone from the UK will know what a great show it is.
You should be ashamed of your selfs, talking like this at your age.
Played at chicargo rock in lincoln he was playing a few songs pretty s**t mind, i didnt go! he's obviously trying to make it big lol
Jason is presently starring in an Australian tv series called "MDA" (medical defence attorneys) in which he plays a lawyer with a medical malpractice team. It is very successful series and he has received a lot of great reviews for his acting skills.
He was singing in Strathclyde Student Union on Valentines night (yes I am ashamed to admit I was there and single) He sang the Home and Away Theme tune, which I couldn't understand when he was in neighbours?!
"Jason is now touring clubs all around the world, with great success. He is talking about a record deal with almost every major label in the world."
"jason is still living in australia and has a young daughter. http://www.btinternet.com/~jsdwas1/familyphotos.htm"
"yep hes still been doing some shows. He was rummored last year doing a very empty gig in Southhampton near the uni."
"I saw Jason Donovan in a pub in Bristol! Paid just 3 to see him! Looked pretty wasted but can still sing crap!"
Jason's Biggest Fan!