What Happened To Hinda Hicks?

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Hinda,possesing possibly the most unique and dexterous young female voice the UK has to offer is about to embark upon a transition that; embraces her natural Jazz leanings whilst maintaining her original soulful rhythmic approach to a wide scope of rhythm & blues in its true sense. This young Lady's sense of maturity is highly evident to many fine global exponents of contemporary music production.Soon to be revealed is a contribution already being hailed as a potential masterpiece.
Sidney Gaub
Check out her brand new single rite hear... http://www.e-webz.com/audio/hindahicks_upup.rm And check out http://hindahicks.cjb.net - for more infos....
SJ Robertson
check out her interview on bbc.co.uk/1xtra
She has a new single out in March called Up UP. The video can be seen on Channel U. The album will follow and is called Still Doin' My Thing. It is one HOT album!!!
Loves basketball, she told me so
"Has appeared in a British film about inner city (GMT)"
"she has been dropped from her old record company and has signed on to an american record company and is now in america recording new material. ...........(so iv heard)!!!"
"she got dumped from her last label caust her last single 'my remedy' only got no number 61, her second albem never got released in the u.k. . She has been signed to a new americain label though and is recording her 3rd album."
Andrew Hunter